I was surprised to see Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti taking a shot at Joe Flacco. “We need to get more out of Joe,” he said. “I think Joe agrees with that.” The owner has been dissatisfied with his team in general, and he includes John Harbaugh and GM Ozzie Newsome among the group that needs to improve.

Truth is, patience is running out in Baltimore. They won the Super Bowl after the 2012 season, but the ensuing four years have been lackluster, with just one playoff berth.

Flacco is a seasoned, competent quarterback, but he’s never quite gotten over the hump and become a difference-making kind of guy.

Flacco tends to do a decent enough job of throwing for some yards, but he hasn’t been good enough at getting the ball in the end zone. He also hasn’t won enough games.

Since the win over the 49ers in the Superdome, Flacco is 30-30 as a starter. He’s averaged 259 passing yards in those games, but with a lackluster 86 touchdowns versus 63 interceptions. That converts to an average of 23 touchdowns versus 17 interceptions per 16-game season. That’s serviceable, but not the kind of production needed to push the Ravens deep into the playoffs.

For fantasy purposes, Flacco has thrown multiple touchdowns in only 26 of his last 60 games.

2013at Den.L 27-4955%36222
2013Clev.W 14-667%21110
2013Hou.W 30-967%17100
2013at Buff.L 20-2350%34725
2013at Mia.W 26-2359%26901
2013G.B.L 17-1959%34220
2013at Pitt.L 16-1971%21510
2013at Clev.L 18-2459%25021
2013Cin.W 20-1756%14022
2013at Chi.L 20-2355%16212
2013NYJW 19-365%27311
2013Pitt.W 22-2069%25110
2013Minn.W 29-2656%24533
2013at Det.W 18-1653%22200
2013N.E.L 7-4158%26002
2013at Cin.L 17-3460%19213
2014Cin.L 16-2356%34511
2014Pitt.W 26-672%16620
2014at Clev.W 23-2161%21711
2014Car.W 38-1071%32730
2014at Ind.L 13-2058%23501
2014at T.B.W 48-1775%30650
2014Atl.W 29-764%25822
2014at Cin.L 24-2750%19502
2014at Pitt.L 23-4367%30321
2014Tenn.W 21-759%16910
2014at N.O.W 34-2775%24310
2014S.D.L 33-3461%22520
2014at Mia.W 28-1376%26921
2014Jac.W 20-1267%22110
2014at Hou.L 13-2542%19523
2014Clev.W 20-1061%31220
2014at Pitt.W 30-1762%25920
2014at N.E.L 31-3562%29242
2015at Den.L 13-1956%11702
2015at Oak.L 33-3771%38421
2015Cin.L 24-2865%36221
2015at Pitt.W 23-2061%18911
2015Clev.L 30-3354%21010
2015at S.F.L 20-2562%34322
2015at Ariz.L 18-2665%25211
2015S.D.W 29-2668%31910
2015Jac.L 20-2276%31632
2015St.L.W 16-1361%29912
2016Buff.W 13-767%25810
2016at Clev.W 25-2056%30222
2016at Jac.W 19-1773%21402
2016Oak.L 27-2862%29810
2016Wash.L 10-1665%21010
2016at NYGL 23-2754%30700
2016at NYJL 16-2457%24802
2016Pitt.W 21-1460%24111
2016Clev.W 28-773%29632
2016at Dall.L 17-2766%26910
2016Cin.W 19-1469%23411
2016Mia.W 38-677%38141
2016at N.E.L 23-3071%32421
2016Phil.W 27-2653%20621
2016at Pitt.L 27-3168%26211
2016at Cin.L 10-2765%26701

—Ian Allan