In a league where you can only use each player once in the entire playoffs, I've been considering using Russell Wilson. I'm thinking Seattle is the most likely of the teams with top quarterbacks playing to lose this week, and Wilson has definitely got the most favorable matchup. Atlanta ranked 28th in pass defense during the season.

But Wilson played five games against lousy pass defense this year -- ones ranked 22nd or worse defending it. He didn't put up good numbers in any of those games, and was downright lousy in a couple of them.

So I'm thinking it will instead be a quarterback from the Dallas-Green Bay game that I use. I'm not sure who's going to win, but if I use one I'll still be able to use Ryan (or Wilson) next week and probably Brady in the Super Bowl.

Here are Wilson's numbers from his five games against lesser pass defenses (including Atlanta) this season. Just 2 TD passes, total, in those five contests.


--Andy Richardson