Here we go again. It was assumed the Chargers would leave San Diego for Los Angeles after last season, but it didn't happen. A year later, and a stadium bond vote crushed on Election Day, it seemed even more certain that the city would lose its NFL team. But now it doesn't look so certain.

According to this story, the league has concerns about having a second team in Los Angeles. The Rams weren't as big of a draw as expected (gee, who wouldn't want to go out and watch the Rams play football?), and the market was lukewarm enough about that one team to make having a second team look unappealing.

So the league is apparently looking into what's being called a Hail Mary (Ah, those things are never completed!) to keep the Chargers in San Diego for the next two seasons. One factor that could make it a reality is that by moving, the Chargers would essentially be a tenant in the Rams' Los Angeles stadium. So Chargers owner Dean Spanos might prefer to stay put, if the league makes it worth his while financially.

Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, though, looks a little more likely. Mark Davis is apparently making progress toward a stadium deal. There doesn't seem to be any progress toward a new stadium in Oakland. There's some belief that Davis will get enough league-wide support for Nevada to have an NFL team for the first time.

There's an NFL owners meeting in New York today, where both of these possible relocations will be discussed. Should be interesting.

--Andy Richardson