Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition: Can Todd Gurley turn things around? Can Sammy Watkins stay healthy? And what can we hope for from Allen Robinson, Martellus Bennett and Donte Moncrief?

Question 1

Your advice helped me win my keeper league. Thank you. Some questions for next season. Should I keep Todd Gurley or trade him for a high draft pick in an effort to get a stud rookie RB? Would you keep Sammy Watkins as he is having another surgery and appears injury prone? Keep Martellus Bennett (Gronk returning) or pick up a player like Hooper or Fiedorowicz?

HOWIE FISHMAN (Hermosa Beach, CA)

I would keep Gurley. He’s coming off a poor season, and some of that was his fault – with the great backs, it doesn’t seem to matter so much what offense they’re in or who’s around them. He had plenty of games with plenty of carries and didn’t produce. But Gurley is only 22 years old, and he’s shown he can do it. He went over 125 rushing yards five times in his rookie year. He’s going to be in a new offense with a new coach next year, and I’m thinking he’ll probably work a little harder in the offseason as well. Right now I would take Gurley over any of the rookie running backs coming him. I suppose we can wait and see where Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook land, but right now I’d take Gurley. Similarly with Sammy Watkins, he’s shown he can be very good. In the final nine games of the 2015 season he averaged 100 yards, with 7 TDs. So I would gamble on him staying healthy, rather than want to switch horses. With tight ends, the name of the game isn’t to get somebody who’s just functional. There are always guys out there who’ll catch 40-50 passes and 4-5 TDs. And Austin Hooper (if he develops) and C.J. Fiedorowicz look like those kind of tight ends. Fiedorowicz had a solid season, but with minor tweaks in that offense, I’m not sure he’s in the top 20 at his position or even the best tight end on his own team. I would rather hold the rights to Bennett, who might be something special. But let’s see where Bennett is playing next year – he’s going to be a free agent.

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Question 2

I'm in a keeper league with standard scoring. Should I keep Allen Robinson as a fifth-round draft pick or Donte Moncrief in the sixth round?

Nicholas Heuton (Carroll, IA)

They look pretty similar to me. Robinson has more potential to catch 80-plus passes. He had a disappointing season but bounced back with a big game late after they switched coaches. He was really good in 2015. Moncrief didn’t catch enough balls in 2016 but scored in all of his complete games, and he’s working with an elite quarterback. If you go with Moncrief, you get an extra round of draft value.

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Question 3

I use your cheat sheet to play Draft Kings. Why would you not put out a sheet next week? Very disappointing!

STEVE KENNEDY (San Luis Obispo, CA)

With just two games, there’s aren’t really enough players to merit a full-blown product. But I’ll scout the games and put some projections up on the website. Take a look at what’s posted, and if you have additional questions about any of the players and how they might perform, let me know.

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Question 4

Have the results from the Fantasy Index Open been released and I somehow missed them?

Johnny Bazzano (Santa Rosa, CA)

That should all be scored by the end of next week. The kicker position was scored and posted yesterday. It takes time, and there are lots of other things going on that need to handled.

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