The Giants may decide to cut ties with veteran Rashad Jennings in the offseason. Jennings turns 32 next month and comes off a poor season, averaging just 3.3 yards per carry. That would seem to make second-year back Paul Perkins the favorite to start, but the Giants may also look to add somebody at the position.

Perkins was just a fifth-round pick, and although he was more effective than Jennings last season, he was also pretty ordinary. He averaged just 4.07 yards per carry, which is a pretty mediocre number -- definitely no indication that he'll be a breakout player in 2017.

Since 2000, 61 other rookie running backs have received at least 100 carries in a season. Only one of them averaged a lower yards per carry average than Perkins. Most of the other backs in that general area have gone on to be complementary backs at best -- not guys to build a running game around. T.J. Yeldon is another recent example. Granted, one of the league's elite backs, LeSean McCoy, was only slightly better as a rookie (4.11).

Perkins was working behind a poor offensive line, so no one should be writing him off completely. But the Giants probably won't hand him the starting job in the preseason, either.

2006Maurice Jones-Drew, Jac.1669415.67
2015Thomas Rawls, Sea.1478305.65
2007Adrian Peterson, Minn.23813415.63
2013Andre Ellington, Ariz.1186525.53
2002Clinton Portis, Den.27315085.52
2011DeMarco Murray, Dall.1648975.47
2003Onterrio Smith, Minn.1075795.41
2016Jordan Howard, Chi.25213135.21
2016Ezekiel Elliott, Dall.32216315.07
2014Jeremy Hill, Cin.22211245.06
2004Steven Jackson, St.L.1346735.02
2010LeGarrette Blount, Tenn.20110075.01
2000Mike Anderson, Den.29714875.01
2009Shonn Greene, NYJ1085405.00
2012Bernard Pierce, Balt.1085324.93
2012Bryce Brown, Phil.1155644.90
2008Chris Johnson, Tenn.25112284.89
1997Corey Dillon, Cin.23311294.85
2015Todd Gurley, St.L.22911064.83
2012Alfred Morris, Wash.33516134.81
2005Frank Gore, S.F.1276084.79
2008Steve Slaton, Hou.26812824.78
2006Joseph Addai, Ind.22610814.78
2014Jerick McKinnon, Minn.1135384.76
2004Kevin Jones, Det.24111334.70
2013Montee Ball, Den.1205594.66
2015David Johnson, Ariz.1255814.65
1998Fred Taylor, Jac.26412234.63
2012Doug Martin, T.B.31914544.56
2008Jonathan Stewart, Car.1848364.54
2001Correll Buckhalter, Phil.1295864.54
2009Beanie Wells, Ariz.1767934.51
2016Derrick Henry, Tenn.1104904.45
2008Darren McFadden, Oak.1134994.42
2000Jamal Lewis, Balt.30913644.41
2005Ronnie Brown, Mia.2079074.38
1997Warrick Dunn, T.B.2249784.37
2003Domanick Davis, Hou.23810314.33
1997Antowain Smith, Buff.1948404.33
2006Leon Washington, NYJ1516504.30
2010Ryan Mathews, S.D.1586784.29
2014Tre Mason, St.L.1797654.27
2006Laurence Maroney, N.E.1757454.26
2001Anthony Thomas, Chi.27811834.26
2008Ray Rice, Balt.1074544.24
2011Roy Helu, Wash.1516404.24
2011Kendall Hunter, S.F.1124734.22
1999Edgerrin James, Ind.36915534.21
2016Rob Kelley, Wash.1687044.19
2015Ameer Abdullah, Det.1435974.17
2004Julius Jones, Dall.1978194.16
2013Eddie Lacy, G.B.28411784.15
2006DeAngelo Williams, Car.1215014.14
2009LeSean McCoy, Phil.1556374.11
2014Isaiah Crowell, Clev.1486074.10
2008Kevin Smith, Det.2389764.10
2001Kevan Barlow, S.F.1255124.10
2013Giovani Bernard, Cin.1706954.09
2005Samkon Gado, G.B.1435824.07
2015T.J. Yeldon, Jac.1827404.07
2016Paul Perkins, N.Y.1124564.07
2005Cadillac Williams, T.B.29011784.06

--Andy Richardson