Deshaun Watson got my attention last night. He looked very solid. He’s better right now than Tom Savage, I think, and it looks like a lot of the things he was able to do at Clemson will translate.

Watson went 15 of 25 in this game, completing a bunch of third downs. He also ran for a 15-yard touchdown after a pass play broke down – skipped into the end zone just the same way he did so often in college.

Mobility, I think, is the key. With Savage, he’s trapped as an immobile pocket passer. Both of their first two pass plays were blown up because of pressure, and he can’t get out of those situations.

Watson isn’t quite as fast as Marcus Mariota or Russell Wilson, but he’s got a really good feel for quickly motoring out of harm’s way. He’s able to work his way into positions where defenses must be concerned about him as both a runner and a passer. That helps to break down defenses. Like Russell Wilson, he’s got that point guard mentality where he can find guys while on the move. (He also smartly threw a couple of balls away.)

With Watson on the field, the Texans were able to work in a lot of bootlegs and rollouts, and it really helped the offense. Watson can run those plays, while Savage can’t.

I can’t say for certain that Watson will be an opening day starter, but I’m thinking he will be. He looks a lot better today than Carson Wentz did the day after his first preseason start. And whenever Watson takes over that offense, that mobility could make him a sneaky good fantasy value.

In standard fantasy formats, mobility tends to be a vastly underrated component for a quarterback’s game. Rushing yards tend to be worth twice as much, and rushing touchdowns tend to be worth almost twice as much.

Consider, for example, the 40 rookie quarterbacks in this century who have started at least half of the season. Then look at their per-start numbers. Five put up top-12 numbers, and they were all quarterbacks who really helped themselves by rushing – Newton, RG3, Young, Luck, Wilson.

On the chart below, I’ve got the 10 best rushing quarterbacks (of these 40) in bold. I’ve got the 10 worst running quarterbacks tagged with black dots. See the difference?

As often as Watson ran at Clemson, and seeing how he ran last night, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a top-10 running quarterback. Good chance, I think, that he’ll put up top-20 fantasy numbers in his first year.

2011Cam Newton, Car.162531.3144.8827.84
2012Robert Griffin III, Wash.152131.3354.4724.25
2006Vince Young, Tenn.13159.8541.5418.89
2012Andrew Luck, Ind.162731.4416.3122.910
2012Russell Wilson, Sea.161951.6331.2520.812
2009Matthew Stafford, Det.102271.3011.2019.014
2006Matt Leinart, Ariz.112271.005.1816.914
2015Marcus Mariota, Tenn.122351.5821.2522.216
2016Dak Prescott, Dall.162291.4418.3821.217
2015Jameis Winston, T.B.162531.3813.3821.817
2001Chris Weinke, Car.15195.739.4016.020
2003Byron Leftwich, Jac.13207.928.1515.820
2014Teddy Bridgewater, Minn.122311.1715.0818.621
2011Andy Dalton, Cin.162121.2510.0616.921
2008Matt Ryan, Atl.162151.007.0615.921
2009Josh Freeman, T.B.92041.1117.0016.823
2011Christian Ponder, Minn.101751.3021.0016.124
2004Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.131881.1511.0815.624
2010Sam Bradford, St.L.162201.134.0616.224
2013EJ Manuel, Buff.101971.1019.2017.725
2008Joe Flacco, Balt.16186.8811.1314.826
2013Geno Smith, NYJ16190.7523.3817.127
2014Blake Bortles, Jac.13207.6930.0016.227
2010Colt McCoy, Clev.8197.7517.1315.327
2016Carson Wentz, Phil.162361.009.1317.827
2012• Brandon Weeden, Clev.15226.937.0015.827
2002David Carr, Hou.16162.5618.1913.528
2012Ryan Tannehill, Mia.16206.7513.1315.628
2009Mark Sanchez, NYJ15163.807.2013.528
2014• Derek Carr, Oak.162041.316.0016.028
2007• Trent Edwards, Buff.9170.785.0012.229
2002• Joey Harrington, Det.121871.000.0013.429
2001Quincy Carter, Dall.8134.6319.1311.831
2003• Kyle Boller, Balt.9139.787.0011.631
2013• Mike Glennon, T.B.132011.463.0016.231
2016• Cody Kessler, Clev.8171.752.0012.031
2006Bruce Gradkowski, T.B.11149.8215.0012.232
2010• Jimmy Clausen, Car.10150.306.009.332
2005• Kyle Orton, Chi.15125.603.008.932
2011• Blaine Gabbert, Jac.14154.867.0011.833

—Ian Allan