I’m surprised how quickly the Browns have soured on Cody Kessler. Hue Jackson says Kessler not only has lost the starting job (to DeShone Kizer) but also won’t even be the team’s backup quarterback. They’re instead going with Kevin Hogan.

I understand that Kessler has limited physical ability. His arm isn’t strong enough, and that makes him a poor fit for what Jackson wants to do. He can’t drive the ball downfield the way Kizer can.

But Kessler has shown some ability to work the underneath routes. He’s accurate, makes good decisions and doesn’t turn the ball over.

Since 2000, there have been 47 rookie quarterbacks who’ve attempted at least 100 passes. Only three completed a higher percentage of their passes than Kessler, and only four finished with better passer ratings.

2016Dak Prescott, Dall.67.8%3,667234104.9
2012Robert Griffin III, Wash.65.6%3,200205102.4
2012Russell Wilson, Sea.64.1%3,1182610100.0
2004Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.66.4%2,621171198.1
2016Cody Kessler, Clev.65.6%1,3806292.3
2015Marcus Mariota, Tenn.62.2%2,818191091.5
2006Jay Cutler, Den.59.1%1,0019588.5
2008Matt Ryan, Atl.61.1%3,440161187.7
2014Teddy Bridgewater, Minn.64.4%2,919141285.2
2011Cam Newton, Car.60.0%4,051211784.5
2015Jameis Winston, T.B.58.3%4,042221584.2
2013Mike Glennon, T.B.59.4%2,60819983.9
2012Nick Foles, Phil.63.1%1,6996582.1
2011Andy Dalton, Cin.58.1%3,398201380.4
2008Joe Flacco, Balt.60.0%2,971141280.3
2016Carson Wentz, Phil.62.4%3,782161479.3
2013EJ Manuel, Buff.58.8%1,97211977.7
2014Derek Carr, Oak.58.1%3,270211276.6
2012Andrew Luck, Ind.54.1%4,374231876.5
2010Sam Bradford, St.L.60.0%3,512181576.5
2012Ryan Tannehill, Mia.58.3%3,294121376.1
2010Colt McCoy, Clev.60.8%1,5766974.5
2006Matt Leinart, Ariz.56.8%2,547111274.0
2003Byron Leftwich, Jac.57.2%2,819141673.0
2012Brandon Weeden, Clev.57.4%3,385141772.6
2002Patrick Ramsey, Wash.51.5%1,5399871.8
2007Trent Edwards, Buff.56.1%1,6307870.4
2005Charlie Frye, Clev.59.8%1,0024670.2
2011Christian Ponder, Minn.54.3%1,853131370.1
2014Blake Bortles, Jac.58.9%2,908111769.5
2006Vince Young, Tenn.51.5%2,199121366.7
2013Geno Smith, NYJ55.8%3,046122166.5
2011Blaine Gabbert, Jac.50.8%2,214121165.4
2016Jared Goff, LAR54.6%1,0895763.6
2009Mark Sanchez, NYJ53.8%2,444122063.0
2001Quincy Carter, Dall.51.1%1,0725763.0
2002David Carr, Hou.52.5%2,59291562.8
2001Michael Vick, Atl.44.2%7852362.7
2003Kyle Boller, Balt.51.8%1,2607962.4
2009Matthew Stafford, Det.53.3%2,267132061.0
2002Joey Harrington, Det.50.1%2,294121659.9
2009Josh Freeman, T.B.54.5%1,855101859.8
2005Kyle Orton, Chi.51.6%1,86991359.7
2010Jimmy Clausen, Car.52.5%1,5583958.4
2004Eli Manning, S.D.48.2%1,0436955.4
2007John Beck, Mia.56.1%5591650.3
2005Alex Smith, S.F.50.9%87511140.8

—Ian Allan