ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which Week 1 performance will turn out to be a fantasy -- not likely to be repeated going forward?


Austin Hooper will definitely not be scoring any more 88-yard touchdowns, but you knew that already. So give me Jared Goff instead, even though I have been arguing for him all summer. It's not that I didn't like what I saw from Goff on Sunday; I did. It's not that I don't believe in him long-term; I really do. It's just that football is a game of adjustments, and when better defenses (the Colts are tissue-soft) come around to believing they have to defend the Rams' downfield passing game, Goff's numbers will come back to earth some. That could be good news for Todd Gurley, and it might help Cooper Kupp as much as it hurts Sammy Watkins. But 2018 is more Goff's breakout year.

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While Tarik Cohen is in a good spot to earn a role as the change-of-pace runner and third-down back, he's highly unlikely to come anywhere near the breakout performance he had in Week 1. Cohen produced 113 yards of offense and a touchdown on only 28 snaps. He touched the ball 13 times in those 28 snaps and put up an unheard of 25.3 PPR points -- that's just under one point per snap. That's an unsustainable rate for all but the most elite players in football, but will be especially difficult for a guy listed at 5-foot-6 and 179 pounds to repeat.

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Kareem Hunt. He averaged 8.7 yards per carry. Had 246 total yards and scored three times. All in all 41 points in PPR leagues. All against a befuddled and incoherent NE defense. It was a fantasy. A perfect storm. Is he good. Yes! Is he going to be that good in any other games this season.....doubt it.

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Alex Smith put up the big numbers at New England, but I thought for most of the game, he looked very much like the Alex Smith we’ve been watching for years — throwing a lot of check-down balls underneath. In his four years in Kansas City he’s averaged 222 passing yards, with 76 touchdown passes in 61 starts. Among quarterbacks who’ve started at least half the time, he ranks next-to-last in both categories (ahead of only his former teammate, Colin Kaepernick). I think that’s what he is. Smith is not a candidate to be a breakout quarterback, I think — won’t be a top-15 quarterback. I still view him as a below-average backup quarterback in typical fantasy leagues. If he was starting the season today, I would look for about 235-240 passing yards per game, with about 23 TDs.

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Steelers tight end Jesse James won't repeat his two-TD performance again in 2017, especially since he will eventually lose the starting job to Vance McDonald in the coming weeks.

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When you consider the tight end position for fantasy, who were the top choices going into Week 1? One would have expected Gronk, Jimmy Graham, Reed, Kelce, Eifert, Ertz, of course, but Austin Hooper? It was definitely a fantasy shocker, especially considering Atlanta has five primary weapons in Matt Ryan's aerial arsenal, three very productive wide receivers, plus two running backs who can both catch the ball out of the backfield. So as awesome as Week 1 was for Hooper (2 catches for 128 yards, including an 88-yard TD that featured a truly exquisite stiff-arm), let's relax and remind ourselves that ever since the retirement of Tony Gonzalez, the position for the Falcons is utilized primarily for blocking and remains an afterthought in their passing game.

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Alex Smith and 300-yard games do not go hand in hand. Kansas City, remember, pushed their chips into the middle on draft day, selecting Smith's eventual replacement. Although there are some nice puzzle pieces in this Kansas City offense -- and I'm completely over the moon for Kareem Hunt -- I still don't consider Smith a top 20 fantasy quarterback. The offense isn't proactive enough, and Smith isn't aggressive enough.

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I like a lot of the players that had big blow-up weeks this week and see their success continuing in general. If I had to pick one that won't I’ll go with Nelson Agholor. There was a lot of hype on Agholor coming out of the preseason and no doubt he lived up to that in Week 1 totaling a 6/86/1 stat-line. I do think Agholor will continue to be a solid WR4/5 player for depth and bye-week options, but he’s isn’t going to finish as WR6 (as he is now) or come close to his full-season projection of 96 receptions, 1,376 yards and 16 TDs. Agholor is still the 3rd (at best) or 4th target in the passing game for Philadelphia. He’d be a good sell-high candidate right now before this smooths out. The Eagles come into a fairly difficult stretch of games starting this week at Kansas City, before facing the Giants, Chargers, Cardinals and Panthers over the next five weeks.

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Shane Vereen caught 9 balls for 51 yards last week, and no question he'll be part of the offense -- maybe play more than New York's conventional running backs, who won't go anywhere behind that line. But Vereen was having a pretty blah night until catching 5 passes on a last-minute drive that I'm not even sure why the Giants bothered with and that the Cowboys weren't really defending. Vereen is a functional third-down back and desperation PPR option, but that's about it. Among No. 3 wide receivers who caught 2 TDs in Week 1, I'll take Kenny Golladay but pass on Bennie Fowler.

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