We've got this new Fantasy Index Blackout competition. You can enter it under Your Stuff at the top right of the screen. It's similar to our old SuperLeague competition, except you're prevented from using sure-fire, slam-dunk superstars. This creates an extra challenge for participants, especially me.

Early on a reader commented that my sharing my picks in this weekly column would be too much of a tipoff to other competitors who to pick. Hah. Thus far, this has not been my game, as I routinely start underperformers or guys who get hurt during the opening kickoff. I'm even getting called out on my picks by fellow employees. There's no adequate response except making better picks. So here goes.

Quarterback: Nobody is blacked out, so I can take anyone I want. So I shall go with Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson. What's that? Fine. Kirk Cousins against his future employer and Deshaun Watson against the Browns.

Running back: Kareem Hunt and LeVeon Bell are blacked out, which is fair. I will take Melvin Gordon against the Raiders and C.J. Anderson against the Giants. In truth I may switch off one of them to get somebody in Rams-Jaguars game, with both teams poor against the run, but let's try these guys. I've got to make up some ground here, after all.

Wide receiver: Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins and Michael Thomas are blacked out. Wasn't gonna use them anyway, so the joke's on you! I will instead opt for Kelvin Benjamin against the Eagles, Antonio Brown against Kansas City (kind of think you have to use AB if he's not blacked out, right?) and either Brandin Cooks or Chris Hogan against the Jets. It's Cooks' turn for a big game.

Tight end: No Kelce (concussion anyway), Gronk (as fragile as a china doll, that one) or Ertz (dang it!). I'm gonna try Jordan Reed and Evan Engram, with the thought on Engram being that somebody's got to catch 8-10 passes from Eli Manning in this offense, so why not him?

Kicker: No kickers are blacked out. I'm going with Stephen Gostkowski, because he's him, and Dustin Hopkins, because he's in a kicker's dream matchup at home against San Francisco (this year anyway, they're allowing 11 kicking points per game).

Defense: Only Denver is blacked out. I'm taking Washington (getting the sense I like Washington this week?) at home against the 49ers and the Jaguars at home against the Rams.

Good luck to the rest of you.