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Danny Amendola may only be great (or even good) in PPR, but he's never more than a few days from his next injury; I don't even really trust him to make it through a week's practices. Assuming you wanted a flashier name, though, DeAndre Hopkins just scored 3 touchdowns for a team that seldom looked good passing the ball in that game. Deshaun Watson has a certain wing-it-and-pray bravado that I do appreciate, but the Texans are coming off of consecutive games in which they scored 57 points (!) and then spent a bunch of time on the cusp of being blown out (and thus in almost endless passing situations). You can already see a different identity taking shape for the offense: they look better running the ball, with Lamar Miller rejuvenated lately and D'Onta Foreman seemingly indestructible. I would hold out for a giant offer, but I think now is the moment to shop Nuk.

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Larry Fitzgerald is currently No. 7 in PPR rankings but like last year, he will fade. Fitzgerald started 2016 on a high note and then nearly disappeared in the second half of the season. He’s already 34 years old and the long season has been tougher on him. Throw in a Cardinals offense that is getting worse and his appeal is less. And consider too that the most sacked quarterback has been Carson Palmer who is 38 years old and cannot take the beating. What happens to Fitzgerald if Palmer goes down?

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I’d consider moving Melvin Gordon -- if you can get 1st-round value for him and you might be able to after his big 163-yard day with two touchdowns last week. The volume will likely be there but Gordon simply isn’t 1st-round fantasy material. Coming into this week he was averaging a paltry 3.1 yards per game. If you can swing a trade where you get a promising back in return (like Alvin Kamara) and also snag a receiver I would consider that while Gordon’s value has re-peaked, especially if you need some depth for bye weeks. Gordon’s fantasy playoff matchups also aren’t that great (on the road at Arrowhead in Week 15 and then on the road traveling to the east coast in Week 16 at the Jets, when the Chargers likely will be eliminated from the playoffs with not a ton of incentive for great play).

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I'm still not really sold on Matthew Stafford for the duration. It's not that Stafford's not good, far from it, but Detroit's constant slow starts with the frenzied 4th-quarter comebacks is not a great recipe for prolonged success on the field or for fantasy. The Lions have an improved defense, but I'm just not a huge fan of the offensive skill players surrounding Stafford. With bye weeks and injuries upon us, now is the time that a current Stafford owner, provided they have a strong backup QB or ability to acquire one, could reap great benefits with a trade to a desperate league member who may be willing to overpay.

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Kareem Hunt. He looked a little less "Superman" on Sunday night and has the rookie wall to contend with along with two offensive linemen out. I say sell High-very high. He also seems to start slow and really explode in the second half of games when defenses are tired and run-down. He may not see that as much in the next few weeks. Well, he does face Pittsburgh this week so perhaps the time to sell will be after a big game versus the Steelers.

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Jordy Nelson. He's already missed one game to a phantom quad injury and then missed the winning drive against Dallas due to a hamstring injury. He says he's fine, but that's two injuries in five games that have cost him time. He's an older player, he hasn't had his bye yet, and Green Bay might try to run more. He's great when he's on the field, but I can't help but think he's due to miss time. As a bonus answer, if you happened to add Adrian Peterson this week, please trade him before people actually see him running behind Arizona's line for the next couple of games.

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