ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Now that you've had a chance to see most of them a little bit, which rookie will have the best career?


Deshaun Watson by a mile. As a Browns fan, I was distressed when the team passed up on drafting Carson Wentz by trading down with the Eagles. Week by week, he's proving that he is a franchise QB with Philly. This year, I was hoping (praying) that Deshaun Watson would be available at pick 12, but was stunned when the Browns once again traded down allowing Houston to swoop in and grab him. Even if Watson doesn't play another down for the Texans, he has already become their franchise leader in TD passes in just a few short weeks. We all know Watson's incredible backstory, and how the Browns and other teams downplayed all of that is baffling. Analytics can measure, but not accurately predict future performance. This past Sunday's Browns vs. Houston matchup proved that point irrefutably.

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That’s a tough one given the amazing play of so many rookies. I will say as a foreword, and I’ve been beating this drum for years, it’s long-since time for people to stop overlooking rookies as they come in much more ready to roll (and that can include quarterback -- like Deshaun Watson -- or tight end -- like Evan Engram). Over the course of a career, it’s hard not to say Deshaun Watson at this point, though I answered an earlier question with Patrick Mahomes and still think he will challenge as a top fantasy player but we shall see. Short-term, it’s Kareem Hunt and Leonard Fournette and if we were re-drafting today it’s possible both players are top three picks. Of those two, I’d go with Hunt mainly as Fournette’s style seems more prone to injuries due to big hits (he takes, and delivers).

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Leonard Fournette. I am old school: really love the workhorse running back. The Jags do not seem to have anyone else and no other weapons in the arsenal. And are most likely not to get any real weapons in the foreseeable future. Many will take Kareem Hunt but I am still trying to justify my sell-high call from a few weeks ago.

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If I were in a dynasty draft and given the option of selecting any rookie from the 2017 draft class, I would run to the podium with card reading, “KAREEM HUNT”. There are plenty of other good rookies, but he’s both a runner and a pass catcher and fits really well into that offense. He plays the most coveted fantasy position, and he looks like he’s going to crank out a number of successful seasons.

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Deshaun Watson. He's a special talent, one that will shine for years to come.

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Kareem Hunt is the rookie I believe will have the best NFL career, provided he stays in an Andy Reid offense. As a dual-threat back, the 3rd-round pick from Toledo should thrive in this RB-friendly system. Running backs do not typically have the longevity of other positions, but barring a major injury, Hunt could have a Hall of Fame caliber career.

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I am convinced that Deshaun Watson is going to be a top quarterback for many years to come. He can run but doesn’t unless he needs to. He has accurate passes into unbelievably tight coverage for a rookie that is only now reading NFL defenses. He is a high character guy that possesses all the intangibles. And he has a talented set of receivers that he actually makes better. Playing for a national championship team at Clemson already honed him for the big stage.

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It is a shame this question wasn't asked before Dalvin Cook blew out his knee. He'll probably come back strong, but there's always a little uncertainty. So Kareem Hunt looks like the guy who'll be carrying fantasy teams to titles for the next several years, or at least on a lot of champions. Running backs like that are just set up to be huge fantasy difference-makers. I could also make a case for Deshaun Watson, but there's generally better depth at quarterback, and we also need to see him face some tougher defenses than what he's had the luxury of enjoying so far. But he looks like a difference-maker, too.

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