ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Who has impressed or disappointed you the most this postseason?


Corey Davis, the Titans rookie wide receiver, impressed me with his one-handed TD catch last weekend. That was his first NFL touchdown and I can see many more in years to come. Love the 5th overall pick and plan on drafting him religiously in 2018. He finished with 5-63-2 in that playoff game on 8 targets.

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Blake Bortles and Case Keenum have both elevated themselves into fantasy contributors this past month. It has taken a few years, but Bortles has finally emerged as a dual threat in putting up significant passing and rushing stats. Keenum has steadily improved this year, ignoring his detractors, and just keeps putting up numbers. Don't think too many fans and experts could have foretold at the beginning of the season that either would have their teams just one game away from the Super Bowl.

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Through two weeks the most indelible play for me is Julio Jones not coming especially close to catching that last pass on Saturday. Dating back to his true freshman year at Alabama, I always thought he was Superman. But that failure to bring in the big one is in the memory banks now; Larry Fitzgerald catches that ball, no doubt in my mind. On a more positive note, Josh Hill may have emerged as exactly what the aged Drew Brees was missing. Brees is getting worse year after year at taking his shots downfield, so Sean Payton will have to get even more creative at choreographing the action in close to the line of scrimmage. That means tight ends, and perhaps several of them -- Jimmy Graham returning to the Saints would make so much sense that it kind of has to happen -- but Hill could definitely handle a much bigger role than he had in the regular season.

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I would say Mark Ingram gets a downgrade after seeing two more Saints games. Mainly, I think Ingram will be way overpriced next year off a career season. No team ever had two 1,500-yard running backs (total yards) so some regression would seem likely. Ingram has made it through these past two seasons injury free but longer-term he has been an injury risk. Mainly though what we saw in these games is that this is the Alvin Kamara show. That will be even more the case in 2018. Ingram finished up 2017 with an ugly 2.47 yards rushing per attempt in these final two playoff games, and had fewer fantasy points than Jacksonville fullback Tommy Bohanon and fewer than Eagles’ reserve back Corey Clement in the playoffs.

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The player that most changed in my view was Corey Davis. The Titans will be a new team next year with the coaching change anyway and he went 5-63-2 at the Pats last week. He was the best wideout coming out of college last April and he’s given more confidence that he’ll start to meet expectations.

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I tried to decide if my vote would still be Case Keenum had his receiver simply been tackled in-bounds, as he should have been, last week. The answer is maybe, but regardless, it was an awesome throw even if the defender had made the correct play. The fact is that Keenum went from maybe Minnesota's 3rd-best quarterback to a guy the team might have little choice but to bring back a year from now. Great defense and great pair of wideouts helping him along, but he stepped up, and that win over New Orleans cemented him as an NFL starter in 2018. We'll see what this weekend brings, but Blake Bortles also was very impressive in Pittsburgh last week.

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