Kirk Cousins and Drew Brees are getting more attention (deservedly so). There should also be considerable interest in Case Keenum and AJ McCarron, and maybe Nick Foles via trade. But I will be interested to see where Sam Bradford winds up.

Bradford can’t be counted on as a starter. He’s had too many injuries, and his body doesn’t seem to be able to handle the rigors of playing the position. The Vikings indicate he might have a degenerative knee condition.

But Bradford has shown that when he’s on the field, he has some ability. When healthy, he’s looked like an above-average quarterback.

At times Bradford seems to check it down short too much. I would prefer to see him cut it loose more often on downfield strikes. But we saw some of those kind of balls when he lit up the Saints in the season’s first Monday night game last year.

Bradford doesn’t turn it over, and he’s accurate. Over the last two years he’s completed 72 percent of his passes. Of the 32 quarterbacks who’ve attempted at least 500 passes over the last two years, that’s the most of any of them. Only Drew Brees is close.

To me, Bradford makes a lot of sense as a Foles-type backup. Your starter gets hurt in November or December and the season isn’t necessarily lost. The former No. 1 overall pick should be one of the half-dozen highest paid backup quarterbacks, in my opinion.

Reports suggest the Bills are looking into Bradford. That might be a good fit. Buffalo almost certainly will obtain one of the heralded rookie quarterbacks. Bradford could serve as a mentor and handle some starts. (In whatever games Bradford would have to start, the offense probably would be more effective.)

Sam Bradford59542771.8%
Drew Brees120985770.9%
Alex Smith99466967.3%
Matt Ryan106371567.3%
Tom Brady101367666.7%
Kirk Cousins114675365.7%
Matthew Stafford115975965.5%
Aaron Rodgers84855565.4%
Dak Prescott94961965.2%
Case Keenum80352164.9%
Joe Flacco122178864.5%
Ben Roethlisberger107068864.3%
Josh McCown56235763.5%
Andrew Luck54534663.5%
Derek Carr107568063.3%
Russell Wilson109969263.0%
Andy Dalton105966162.4%
Eli Manning116972962.4%
Tyrod Taylor85653262.1%
Jameis Winston100962762.1%
Marcus Mariota90455761.6%
Carson Wentz104764461.5%
Philip Rivers115370961.5%
Jay Cutler56634761.3%
Carson Palmer86452861.1%
Jared Goff68240859.8%
Blake Bortles114868359.5%
Trevor Siemian83549559.3%
Jacoby Brissett52431059.2%
Brock Osweiler68239758.2%
Ryan Fitzpatrick56632457.2%
Cam Newton100256156.0%

—Ian Allan