Not much went right for the Giants last year. All of their wide receivers got hurt, their offensive line was terrible, and their defense underachieved. A two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback got benched. But they did seem to make a great choice in the first round of the draft with tight end Evan Engram.

Engram was a productive pass-catcher from Day 1, finishing the year with 64 catches for 722 yards and 6 TDs. That ranked him 5th among all fantasy tight ends in standard scoring (1 point for every 10 yards, 6 for touchdowns). Since 2000, only one rookie tight end has ranked higher at the position -- former Giants Jeremy Shockey. Only one has put up more fantasy points in his rookie season, and he's a pretty good one too (Rob Gronkowski).

Too early to say that Engram, too, will be one of the all-time greats. He might have been busier in the passing game than New York would have liked with all the receiver injuries, and he's unlikely to ever be a complete tight end (listed at 240 pounds, he's a little light to be much of a blocker). But in fantasy realms, he might be a difference maker for years to come.

Last year was a pretty good year for rookie tight ends. Four of them ranked in the top 30 at the position. That's happened three other times since 2000, and those seasons (2003, 2010 and 2013) produced some of the century's very best players at the position: Zach Ertz, Jordan Reed and Tyler Eifert in 2013; Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham in 2010; and Antonio Gates, Jason Witten and Dallas Clark back in 2003.

Rookie tight ends finishing in the top 30 at their position since 2000 are shown below. Rookies from 2017 are in bold.

2010Rob Gronkowski, N.E.4254610114.65
2017Evan Engram, NYG647226108.25
2002Jeremy Shockey, NYG748942101.43
2009John Carlson, Sea.51574799.411
2016Hunter Henry, S.D.36478895.811
2008John Carlson, Sea.55627592.77
2010Aaron Hernandez, N.E.45563692.313
2005Heath Miller, Pitt.39459681.911
2017O.J. Howard, T.B.26432679.214
2010Jermaine Gresham, Cin.52471473.121
2002Randy McMichael, Mia.39485472.59
2008Dustin Keller, NYJ48535371.514
2013Zach Ertz, Phil.36469470.920
2012Dwayne Allen, Ind.45521370.123
2013Jordan Reed, Wash.45499367.923
2004Chris Cooley, Wash.37314667.414
2010Jimmy Graham, N.O.31356565.623
2006Owen Daniels, Hou.34352565.214
2013Mychal Rivera, Oak.38407464.726
2015Will Tye, NYG42464364.425
2017George Kittle, S.F.43515263.521
2017David Njoku, Clev.32386462.622
2007Zach Miller, Oak.44444362.416
2013Tyler Eifert, Cin.39445256.529
2001Eric Johnson, S.F.40362356.215
2008Martellus Bennett, Dall.20283452.324
2001Alge Crumpler, 25330351.018
2003Antonio Gates, S.D.24389250.919
2015Clive Walford, Oak.28329350.930
2014Jace Amaro, NYJ38345246.529
2006Vernon Davis, S.F.20265344.523
2000Bubba Franks, G.B.34363142.322
2003Jason Witten, Dall.35347140.723
2003Dallas Clark, Ind.29340140.025
2003L.J. Smith, Phil.27321138.127
2000Jermaine Wiggins, 18207232.730

--Andy Richardson