The fantasy appeal of Saquon Barkley comes from not only his running ability (3,843 yards and 43 TDs in three college seasons, and a 4.40 at the combine) but also his receiving potential. Arguably he offers the best combination of the two from a college running back we've seen in a number of years. Especially as a receiver, he really stands out.

Since 2000, there have been 44 running backs selected with first-round picks. None of those backs had as many receiving yards in their final seasons of college as Barkley did at Penn State last year. None was within 10 receptions of him, either.

Final year of college numbers from those running backs, as well as this year's likely first-round running backs (Barkley and Louisiana State's Derrius Guice), are shown below.

2018?Saquon Barkley, ? 127154632190321
200824Chris Johnson, Tenn.142337528195123
20109C.J. Spiller, Buff.121236503171516
20062Reggie Bush, N.O.174037478221818
200424Steven Jackson, St.L.154544470201522
200912Knowshon Moreno, Den.140033392179218
200426Chris Perry, Cin.167444367204120
200323Willis McGahee, Buff.175327355210828
200327Larry Johnson, K.C.208741349243623
20123Trent Richardson, Clev.167929338201724
200712Marshawn Lynch, Buff.135634328168415
200019Shaun Alexander, Sea.138325323170623
200823Rashard Mendenhall, Pitt.168134318199919
20052Ronnie Brown, Mia.9133431312269
20178Christian McCaffrey, Car.160337310191316
201128Mark Ingram, N.O.87521282115714
200216William Green, Clev.155923260181917
201231Doug Martin, T.B.129928255155418
200031Trung Canidate, St.L.160230253185512
20007Thomas Jones, Ariz.179822239203717
201030Jahvid Best, Det.86722213108016
20164Ezekiel Elliott, Dall.182127206202723
20005Jamal Lewis, Balt.8171519310108
200123Deuce McAllister, N.O.7671819095716
200630Joseph Addai, Ind.91120180109110
20054Cedric Benson, Chi.183422179201320
200822Felix Jones, Dall.116216176133811
200621Laurence Maroney, N.E.146417170163411
20084Darren McFadden, Oak.183021164199417
200430Kevin Jones, Det.164714161180821
201515Melvin Gordon, S.D.258719153274032
20055Cadillac Williams, T.B.116521152131713
20174Leonard Fournette, Jac.843151469898
200813Jonathan Stewart, Car.172222145186713
20077Adrian Peterson, Minn.101210136114813
201232David Wilson, NYG170922129183810
200927Donald Brown, Ind.208321125220818
2018?Derrius Guice, ?125118124137513
201012Ryan Mathews, S.D.180811122193019
200218T.J. Duckett, Atl.12361280131611
200627DeAngelo Williams, Car.19641278204219
201510Todd Gurley, St.L.91112579689
200931Beanie Wells, Ariz.119784712448
20015LaDainian Tomlinson, S.D.21581040219822
200127Michael Bennett, Minn.1598423162110
200011Ron Dayne, NYG183419184319

Interesting to note that a couple of guys near the bottom of this list, Todd Gurley and LaDainian Tomlinson, turned out to be pretty awesome receivers. And not all the guys near the top turned out great. But a few fantasy superstars (Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, Larry Johnson) in the mix.

--Andy Richardson