We’ve seen some sack-plagued quarterbacks in recent weeks. Marcus Mariota took 11 against the Ravens, and both Detroit and Oakland allowed 8 sacks in their last games. When streaming defenses, does it pay off to go after these kind of opponents?

On the one hand, you’ve got a quarterback who’s shown he will take sacks, along with an offensive line with some problems. But at the same time, when a team gives up more than a half dozen sacks, you can be sure corrections will be made.

With Mariota, for example, a week after they allowed 11 sacks against Baltimore, they gave up only 2 against the Chargers. They can change protection schemes or use more plays with the ball coming out quicker.

Anyway, I figured I’d run the numbers, using the game-finder sort feature at “Pro Football Reference”, which is an excellent site.

In the past 10 years, there have been 39 games in which a team has allowed at least 8 sacks. (That’s setting aside three that occurred in Week 17.) With 17 of those teams, the offense allowed 0-2 sacks the next week. Four offenses allowed 3 sacks, which is a healthy total. And 18 of the 39 teams (almost half) again allowed 4-plus sacks, which is a big, healthy total. (On the chart, I’m also including interceptions, since they were there in front of me.)

I am optimistic about the Chargers and Bears defenses this week.

2008Cincinnatiat Pitt.L 10-2711
2008San FranciscoDet.W 31-1310
2008N.Y. GiantsCar.W 34-2830
2008PittsburghBalt.W 23-2031
2009Oaklandat Den.W 20-1911
2009Green BayDet.W 26-051
2009PittsburghG.B.W 37-3650
2010SeattleNYGL 7-4102
2010ArizonaN.O.W 30-2041
2010Chicagoat Car.W 23-634
2011Miamiat Buff.W 30-2020
2011San FranciscoSt.L.W 26-040
2011WashingtonS.F.L 11-1921
2012Green BayN.O.W 28-2701
2012Arizonaat St.L.L 3-1790
2012ArizonaBuff.L 16-1951
2012N.Y. JetsBuff.L 9-2811
2013BuffaloBalt.W 23-2022
2013OaklandPitt.W 21-1822
2014N.Y. Giantsat Dall.L 21-3100
2014TennesseeNYJL 11-1610
2014JacksonvilleTenn.W 21-1340
2014San Franciscoat N.O.W 27-2440
2014Minnesotaat Buff.L 16-1752
2014CarolinaAtl.L 17-1922
2014JacksonvilleInd.L 17-4442
2015Buffaloat Mia.W 41-1400
2015San FranciscoCin.L 14-2443
2015Green BayMinn.L 13-2051
2016Carolinaat Atl.L 33-4810
2016ArizonaS.F.W 23-2022
2016ClevelandNYGL 13-2770
2016Clevelandat Pitt.L 24-2741
2017DallasPhil.L 9-3743
2017Indianapolisat Jac.L 10-3042
2017Arizonaat Wash.L 15-2051
2017Houstonat Cin.W 13-930
2017Indianapolisat Cin.L 23-2441
2018Detroitat Chi.???
2018Tennesseev. LACL 19-2021

—Ian Allan