Tyler Boyd. I thought long and hard about switching him out for that Michael Thomas guy. But not long enough. It's a fine line between winning and losing in this competition. Or it's a big, thick, child-safe magic marker line, between those who picked Thomas, and those of us who didn't.

In this competition, each week's high score (standard scoring) will win a $25 Fantasy Index gift certificate, and the season champ will win an enviable prize package, which may be delivered to your door if you happen to live near me.

How to play: Sign into your Fantasy Index account and click the blue "Your stuff" button in the top right corner. Then look for the link to Fantasy Index Blackout on the right side of the page. Pretty simple.

Here's my Week 11 lineup.

Quarterback: Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. Question: who were the top 2 picks in the NFL Draft three years ago? The over-under on Rams-Kansas City is 63 points, highest I've ever seen (I'm too lazy to look up whether it's the highest there's ever been). It's gonna be crazy, and I'll take Goff (Mahomes is blacked out or I'd take him too. Wentz faces the Saints in what should be another high-scoring game.

Running back: Kareem Hunt and David Johnson. There are three great non-blacked out running backs this week. Hunt in the aforementioned crazy shootout. Johnson at home against the league's worst defense (Cincinnati is statistically worse, but Oakland isn't fooling anyone; they'll get there). And Ezekiel Elliott, in Atlanta against the Falcons. Elliott is probably the safest choice of the three, but I like to make the wrong choice, so let's go!

Wide receiver: Odell Beckham, Julio Jones and Robert Woods. Beckham came up big for me on Monday night, and I'll go to that well again. Jones faces a tough Dallas defense, but he's on fire lately and Atlanta probably won't run much. With Woods, it was going to be him or Brandin Cooks. I think Cooks is more explosive, but Woods is a guy who impresses me every time I watch him; I think he'll be big in this game and might see some of the looks that Kupp got near the goal line.

Tight end: Eric Ebron and Greg Olsen. I don't think I've used Ebron all season, which kind of explains a lot about my unimpressive place in the standings. I'm using him now, which means he'll get a donut. Mmm, donuts. Olsen is heating up and the Lions will have trouble with him.

Kicker: Adam Vinatieri and Justin Tucker. I picked up Vinatieri in a lot of leagues a week ago with the plan to use him on Gostkowski's bye. Debatable whether that was a great idea because they're hosting the Titans, who are playing pretty good defense, but that's the choice I made and I'm sticking with it. And doubling down here. Tucker is facing the Bengals in what should be a high-scoring game, at least for Baltimore, against Cincinnati.

Defense/Special Teams: L.A. Chargers and Chicago. Chargers host Denver, which looks like a good situation for sacks, turnovers, and perhaps a defensive and/or special teams score. The Bears are this year's Jaguars -- start 'em if you got 'em.

Good luck to the rest of you.