What do we make of James White and Tarik Cohen? These players won’t run for a lot of yards, but they’re integral to their team’s passing offenses, making them viable fantasy possibilities.

If you’ve a running back who’s going to catch 70-plus passes, and you’re using PPR scoring, those guys are going to have some value, even if they’re only being sprinkled into the running game. That’s how that scoring system works. The receiving production is more valuable than the rushing. (In PPR, if a running back catches 5 passes for 50 yards, that’s the same as a rushing for 100.)

For me, I see White and Cohen going in the second ten. They’re going to continue to catch a bunch of passes, so I think they’re safe choices. They’re also less likely to get hurt than traditional running backs. They both ranked in the top dozen in scoring (using PPR last year).

Kenyan Drake in Miami might fit this same profile. He’s a good pass catcher, and I think he’ll be a big part of their new offense in that way.

Before are the PPR point totals for the last 10 years. I see 35 running backs who ranked in the top 25 in scoring in their season despite rushing for fewer than 600 yards. Most of these guys are third-down or change-of-pace backs.

The 2018 players are in bold.

2018James White, N.E.87-751-794-425-5276.67
2015Danny Woodhead, S.D.80-755-698-336-3243.13
2018Tarik Cohen, Chi.71-725-599-444-3240.011
2017Christian McCaffrey, Car.80-651-5117-435-2230.69
2013Danny Woodhead, N.E.76-605-6106-429-2227.412
2017Duke Johnson, Clev.74-693-382-348-4220.111
2015David Johnson, Ariz.36-457-4125-581-8217.87
2012Darren Sproles, N.O.75-667-748-244-1216.113
2009Tim Hightower, Ariz.63-428-0143-598-8213.614
2013Pierre Thomas, N.O.77-513-3147-549-2213.216
2018Kenyan Drake, Mia.53-477-5120-535-4208.214
2011Mike Tolbert, S.D.54-433-2121-490-8206.316
2010Jahvid Best, Det.58-487-2171-555-4198.220
2014Matt Asiata, Minn.44-312-1164-570-9196.214
2016Tevin Coleman, Atl.31-421-3118-520-8191.120
2014Fred Jackson, Buff.66-501-1141-525-2188.616
2013Charles Clay, Mia.69-759-67-15-1188.419
2011Pierre Thomas, N.O.50-425-1110-562-5184.721
2015Charles Sims, T.B.51-561-4107-529-0184.016
2017Jerick McKinnon, Minn.51-421-2150-570-3182.117
2015Theo Riddick, Det.80-697-343-133-0181.019
2013Darren Sproles, N.O.71-604-253-220-2177.424
2009Darren Sproles, S.D.45-497-493-343-3177.025
2018T.J. Yeldon, Jac.55-487-4104-414-1175.122
2018Austin Ekeler, LAC39-404-3106-554-3170.825
2017Javorius Allen, Balt.46-250-2153-591-4166.124
2014Shane Vereen, N.E.52-447-396-391-2165.820
2015Duke Johnson, Clev.61-534-2104-379-0164.324
2010Danny Woodhead, N.E.34-379-197-547-5162.625
2016Darren Sproles, Phil.52-427-294-438-2162.524
2016Theo Riddick, Det.53-371-592-357-1161.825
2012Joique Bell, Det.52-485-082-414-3159.923
2014Darren Sproles, Phil.40-387-057-329-6159.622
2014Ahmad Bradshaw, Ind.38-300-690-425-2158.523
2012Danny Woodhead, N.E.40-446-376-301-4156.724

—Ian Allan