The Colts are all in on Philip Rivers this year. They signed him to a one-year deal, but it's for $25 million, and Frank Reich thinks that's just the start of his tenure with the team. He's apparently "very optimistic" Rivers will be with the team for longer than that.

Far be it from me to argue with Reich, who knows something about getting the best out of a quarterback. But it will be quite a turnaround if he gets Rivers back to 2018 form from what he slumped to in 2019.

One area the difference shows up acutely is in touchdowns per game. In 2018, recall, Rivers famously threw 2-plus touchdowns 12 games in a row to start the season. He wound up averaging exactly 2 TDs per game, ranking 9th in the league in that regard. Last year? He threw multiple touchdowns in just over half (9) of his games, and averaged just 1.4 TDs per game. That was just 27th in the league, among quarterbacks who started at least half the time. Right behind the guy who started for the Colts a year ago.

Lamar Jackson2.87
Ryan Tannehill2.60
Drew Brees2.55
Matthew Stafford2.38
Deshaun Watson2.27
Daniel Jones2.17
Russell Wilson2.13
Jameis Winston2.13
Dak Prescott2.06
Patrick Mahomes2.00
Josh Allen1.81
Matt Ryan1.80
Kirk Cousins1.80
Ryan Fitzpatrick1.77
Carson Wentz1.75
Jimmy Garoppolo1.75
Tom Brady1.69
Aaron Rodgers1.69
Sam Darnold1.62
Kyle Allen1.58
Baker Mayfield1.56
Andy Dalton1.54
Jared Goff1.50
Kyler Murray1.50
Gardner Minshew1.50
Jacoby Brissett1.47
Philip Rivers1.44
Derek Carr1.44
Mitchell Trubisky1.27
Case Keenum1.25
Mason Rudolph1.25

Rivers is going from what was one of the worst offensive lines last season to one of the best in Indianapolis. He should definitely have more time to work. But it's also very possible the Colts, with Jonathan Taylor and Marlon Mack, decide to lean on the ground game. Maybe Rivers can have a successful season in Indianapolis, but I'm not sure he'll have a big season.

--Andy Richardson