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Trivia: July 4, 2015

Who are the only two quarterbacks who’ve been sacked 60-plus times in a season twice? answer »

Mailbag: July 3, 2015

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition: Which running back should be targeted in Dallas? Is Kelvin Benjamin too fat to be an elite wide receiver? And will Jimmy Graham help or hurt Russell Wilson's production? more »


Around the NFL: Ladarius Green

Antonio Gates is down for the first four games of the season due to a league suspension. The heir apparent, Ladarius Green, stands to benefit. Based on other games when the Chargers have been without Gates in recent years, what should be expected from Green?   more »

Trivia: July 3, 2015

Among the 20 quarterbacks who’ve thrown for the most yards in NFL history, who are the only two who weren’t drafted? answer »

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Around the NFL: San Diego Chargers

Antonio Gates is down for the first four games of the season. He’s been suspended by the league for using performance-enhancing drugs.  more »

Fantasy News: Running backs and age

I have poked around the past few days with the weighing of age and production among wide receivers. The very best numbers at this position seem to come in the window of ages 25 to 29. That’s where the real playmakers tend to be. Now let’s take a similar quick look at running backs.  more »


Around the NFL: Rob Housler

It's hard to get excited about the Browns passing game, with Josh McCown likely running things and Dwayne Bowe the nominal No. 1 receiver. But the lack of weapons at least suggests one or two players could dominate targets, and that makes Rob Housler a player to consider in deeper, TE-friendly fantasy leagues.   more »


Trivia: July 2, 2015

The New York Giants popularized the Gatorade bath during their Super Bowl run during the 1986 season, with Harry Carson dousing Bill Parcells after each win. But what NFL coach, in the 1984 season, was the first to be showered with Gatorade after a game? answer »

Factoid: Receivers and age

I posted the deal yesterday about wide receivers and ages. Specifically, I look at the ages that wide receivers posted the best numbers of their careers. And we saw very few receivers putting up their best numbers either before 25 or after age 30.  more »


Factoid: Rookie running backs, year 2

A year ago, nine rookie running backs rushed for at least 500 yards. Based on recent history, what can we expect from those backs in 2015, their second seasons in the league?   more »


Trivia: July 1, 2015

Since the merger in 1970, who are the only two quarterbacks who’ve been able to make the Hall of Fame without ever completing a pass to a Hall of Fame player? One of these players played in both the ‘60s and the ‘70s. answer »


Fantasy News: Fanex Analysis Draft

We’re into the 17th round in the Fanex Analysis Draft (just three more to go). I’ve added a trio of players since I last checked in. At 15.06, I went with Vernon Davis as my second tight end. The thinking there is that he was great two years ago (13 TDs) and there’s some bounce-back potential. They’ve got a new offense, and he’s also in a contract year.  more »

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Ian Allan: How to identify game-breaking wide receivers

If you want a really good wide receiver – a gamebreaker kind of guy – where should you look? That is, at what ages do wide receivers tend to put up their best ball. In a general sense, you might think old guys have slowed down too much, while youngsters don’t have enough know-how and experience. But how do we find that happy medium.  more »


Around the NFL: Geno Smith

Recently we ran an item about veteran Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, noting that there are some signs he could be pretty good in New York, given his play at times in the past and particularly in Chan Gailey's offense. But first he'll need to be better than Geno Smith, and that's something we can't promise too assuredly.   more »


Trivia: June 30, 2015

What four coaches have lost four Super Bowls each? answer »


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