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Trivia: March 31, 2015

When the 16-member NFL merged with the 10-member AFL, which three NFL franchises were sent to the American Football Conference? answer »

Fantasy Baseball Index: Best $1 Investments

Sometimes we like to make drafts and auctiion strategy sound complicated, but in the end leagues are won by making the most profit on your investments. Of course, you need balance in your categories in roto leagues, but profiting the most on your players is really what it boils down to in the end. Here’s a look at some flyers in mixed and single leagues that can win you a championship this season.  more »

Factoid: Giants running backs

The Giants signed Shane Vereen, and I think a big part of the thinking there is his receiving ability. They have two other competent backs (Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams) but neither catches the ball like Vereen. In New England, they tended to get him outside, where he’s dynamite when matched up against certain linebackers.   more »

Factoid: J.J. Watt

Few would dispute J.J. Watt's credentials as the last year's defensive MVP; he earned some votes for NFL MVP, as well. That carried over to the fantasy realm, where he was the best individual defensive player by a wide margin.  more »

Trivia: March 30, 2015

Howard Cosell sparked a controversy in 1983 by referring to what player as a "little monkey"? answer »

Factoid: Red zone scoring efficiency

I don’t understand Oakland’s offense. On the one hand, the team was terrible and the offense was terrible; on that, everyone is in agreement. So how was it that the Raiders, at least statistically, had the best red-zone offense in the league last year. Seriously.   more »


Factoid: Top fantasy defense, one year later

The Philadelphia Eagles had the top fantasy defense last season, in a scoring system that awards 1 point for sacks, 2 points for turnovers, and 6 points for touchdowns...  more »


Trivia: March 29, 2015

What running back was the first NFL player to publicly admit he was gay? answer »

Factoid: Draft tidbit

In researching a trivia question (one that was too hard and obscure to use) I notice that only one school has had two players with the same name selected in the same draft. That is, same first name, same last name, and drafted into the NFL the same year. Weird.   more »

Factoid: Best Fantasy D: Patriots

With that fourth Super Bowl title in hand, few would dispute that the Patriots have been the best team of the current era...  more »

Trivia: March 28, 2015

What current team changed its name twice in 1971? This team used one name thru the 1970 season, switched to a new name in the offseason, then switched to another name a month later (which is still the franchise’s name). answer »

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Scheduletron: Strength of schedule for rushing, passing

The Bucs were pretty terrible last year – 2-14 – but quick turnarounds are always possible in today’s NFL. Rosters turn over quickly, and teams can benefit greatly from playing softer schedules. In the case of Tampa Bay, it projects to play the easiest schedule in the team.   more »

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Factoid: Brownout

Last year only 6 teams scored fewer offensive touchdowns than Cleveland (29). With the bulk of free agency behind us, it doesn't look as if the Browns will be climbing up those rankings in 2015.   more »

Trivia: March 27, 2015

What were the names of the Denver receivers who referred to themselves as the "Three Amigos"? (For extra credit, named the actors who starred in the movie of the same name.) answer »

Factoid: Elite tight ends

There have been some nice tight ends over the last 20 years. Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, Shannon Sharpe and Jason Witten have had a lot of good reasons. But Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham have raised things to a new level.   more »

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