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Tagged: Experts Draft (6 Results)

Andy Richardson: Experts Draft Recap

On Friday I participated in a 14-team experts draft for the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (The FSGA). The draft was recorded and livestreamed on SiriusXM, which you can also find on YouTube. There were Experts Drafts every day last week, four traditional ones and a props bet one that Ian wrote about. Here's how mine went down.   more »


Mock Draft: LeagueSafe's Charchian Wins Experts Draft League

In an extremely close battle, Paul Charchian of LeagueSafe is the winner of our Experts Draft League. Charchian's overall balance -- and a couple of savvy and daring selections in the middle rounds -- made the difference.   more »


Mock Draft: Dodds, Footballguys leading Experts Draft League

The season isn't over, but things are looking good for David Dodds in the Experts Draft League. His Footballguys team selected Christian McCaffrey at No. 2 overall, and that's helped make him No. 1 through 10 weeks of our annual competition.   more »

Mock Draft: Fantasy Sharks' Holm leads Experts League

In a year when many drafted running backs early Fantasy Sharks' Tony Holm zagged where others zigged. He selected Antonio Brown with his top pick, and A.J. Green and Brandin Cooks with two of his next three selections. That trio has helped him secure the first-half lead in our annual Experts Draft League.   more »

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Andy Richardson: First 2018 experts draft

Represented Fantasy Index in my first experts draft of the season over the weekend. Those fantasy football preview magazines you see on the newsstands in July (including ours) have to go to print in early June, so May is the time for experts drafts. We're not allowed to discuss the entire thing, but we can talk about our own team. So here goes.   more »


Andy Richardson: Checking in with the Index Experts Leagues

In the preseason magazine, the Experts Draft and Auction Leagues are assembled in mid-May. Has to happen that way to meet the publishing deadlines. But these aren't mock drafts and auctions; we play the leagues out over the course of the season in no-transaction, best-ball formats.   more »


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