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Tagged: Fantasy Defenses (31 Results)

Around the NFL: Arizona defense

Patrick Peterson has been suspended for six games, due not only to using PEDs but trying to hide it, apparently. Oops. It's a blow to an Arizona defense that not so long ago was one of fantasy's better groups, but has slipped dramatically in recent years.   more »

Factoid: Wins and fantasy defenses

It makes sense to think the best fantasy defenses come from winning teams. Teams that are ahead get more opportunities for sacks; teams that are behind need to force some things (resulting in more takeaways for the winners). And teams that get those takeaways have more defensive scores or at least short fields (helping them win). Is the theory true?  more »


Around the NFL: Bucs down with JPP

It's not often that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a relevant fantasy defense. Just once in the last five years have they had a top-10 group (1 point for sacks, 2 for takeaways, 6 for touchdowns). But they made progress in some areas a year ago. Too bad it looks like they've already suffered a major setback for 2019.   more »

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Around the NFL: Frank Clark and Kansas City's Gamble

Is it better to overreact or under-react to NFL news? I've tried to strike a balance when it comes to the Kansas City Defense, but it's been tough. They've been yo-yoing around my preliminary rankings, to the point where I'm no longer certain if I'm too high, or too low.   more »


Around the NFL: BountyGate 2?

The Jets hired Gregg Williams as their new defensive coordinator, which in terms of his background is both promising and controversial. Williams had previously worked in Cleveland, whose defense had some surprising fantasy value last season. But he's probably best known for his work with the Saints, and the BountyGate controversy.   more »


Around the NFL: Cowboys lock up Lawrence

Dallas did a deal with pass rusher Demarcus Lawrence yesterday. He'd said he wouldn't play under the franchise tag again, and now he won't have to. Dallas gave him $105 million over the next five years with $65 million in guarantees. It's a sweet deal, for one of the league's more consistent pass rushers.   more »


Factoid: Kansas City Defense

How much stock should be placed in last year when choosing a fantasy defense? This question seems most pertinent when looking at Kansas City, which finished last year as the No. 2-ranked fantasy defense (1 point for sacks, 2 for takeaways, 6 for TDs). The odds of repeating that seem remote.   more »

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Factoid: Interception-poor Cowboys

The Cowboys have been in the market for a safety. They were apparently chasing after Earl Thomas for the better part of a year, though nothing happened with that one. They had Eric Berry in for a visit. And yesterday they signed former Viking George Iloka.   more »

Around the NFL: Ravens Defense

The Baltimore Ravens have had a top fantasy defense for quite a while, but counting on them for 2019 looks questionable. The young offseason has already brought plenty of changes to the 2018 group, with more still to come. It's not the same defense anymore.  more »


Factoid: Defensive takeaways

The Falcons hired Bob Sutton as a defensive assistant last week. Sutton was recently fired by Kansas City, taking the fall for their season ending just short of the Super Bowl. Kansas City's defense was pretty bad in terms of yards and points allowed, so it wasn't exactly a stunning move. But the Falcons might be making a sound hire here.   more »

Factoid: Kansas City Defense

Kansas City fired defensive coordinator Bob Sutton last week, finding an easy scapegoat for the team's lousy defensive performance this past season. If only he'd been better at coaching Dee Ford (pictured) not to line up offside, his team would be playing in the Super Bowl next Sunday.   more »

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Andy Richardson: Streaming defenses

In a couple of leagues I jumped and drafted a defense early: the Jaguars, the Rams, the Chargers. But sometimes those defenses got away from me, and there was a run, and I ended up with a later one -- or in a couple of cases, didn't draft one at all. In those leagues, I will be a-streaming.   more »


Podcast: August 2 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Ian Allan and Justin Eleff take yet another look at Doug Baldwin, discuss when exactly you should draft kickers and defenses (and which ones are worth targeting), take a whole-team look at the Dallas Cowboys, and pick out pairs of teammates who are currently being drafted in the wrong order. Sponsored by Affordable Trophies (  more »


Around the NFL: Seattle Defense

For a number of years, the Seattle fantasy defense was one of the first ones selected. Especially in leagues where points allowed is important, considering that four years in a row (2012-2015), it led the league in fewest points allowed. It wasn't always a great fantasy defense in sack- and turnover-based scoring systems (13th or worse in three of those years), but it wouldn't hurt you.   more »


Factoid: Broncos pass rush

The Broncos have had a strong pass rush for years -- ever since drafting Von Miller back in 2011, in fact. They ranked in the top-10 in sacks in five of the next six seasons, with at least 40 in all of them (Minnesota was the only other team to manage that).   more »

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