The Cardinals traded for Adrian Peterson, and when he carries the ball on Sunday, they will become the first team to have three different 2,000-yard backs run the ball for them in the same season. (David Johnson went over 2,000 combined yards last year, and Chris Johnson went over 2,000 back in Tennessee). In NFL history, what is the only other team that has featured three 2,000-yard backs in a two-year period? Two of the three backs had their 2,000-yard seasons with other franchises.


The Raiders, with Marcus Allen and Roger Craig playing in 1991, and Eric Dickerson replacing Craig in 1992. Other 2,000-yard pairings including Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes in Kansas City in 2007, Emmitt Smith and Herschel Walker together in Dallas in 1996-97, and Frank Gore and Brian Westbrook with the 49ers in 2010.