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NFL schedule

2018-2019 NFL schedule

All times Eastern

For Weeks 5-17, "flexible scheduling" is in play, with a different game potentially moved into prime time on Sunday nihght. Only late-start games can be moved. If there's a flex change to the schedule, that announcement will be made 12 days before the game (except for Week 17, when the most playoff relevant of the three late-start games will be selected on the Monday before each game.

Thursday, Sep. 6
Atlanta at Philadelphia8:20
Sunday, Sep. 9
Buffalo at Baltimore1:00
Pittsburgh at Cleveland1:00
Cincinnati at Indianapolis1:00
Tennessee at Miami1:00
San Francisco at Minnesota1:00
Houston at New England1:00
Tampa Bay at New Orleans1:00
Jacksonville at NY Giants1:00
Kansas City at LA Chargers4:05
Washington at Arizona4:25
Dallas at Carolina4:25
Seattle at Denver4:25
Chicago at Green Bay8:20
Monday, Sep. 10
NY Jets at Detroit7:10
LA Rams at Oakland10:20
Thursday, Sep. 13
Baltimore at Cincinnati8:20
Sunday, Sep. 16
Carolina at Atlanta1:00
LA Chargers at Buffalo1:00
Minnesota at Green Bay1:00
Cleveland at New Orleans1:00
Miami at NY Jets1:00
Kansas City at Pittsburgh1:00
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay1:00
Houston at Tennessee1:00
Indianapolis at Washington1:00
Arizona at LA Rams4:05
Detroit at San Francisco4:05
Oakland at Denver4:25
New England at Jacksonville4:25
NY Giants at Dallas8:20
Monday, Sep. 17
Seattle at Chicago8:15
Thursday, Sep. 20
NY Jets at Cleveland8:20
Sunday, Sep. 23
New Orleans at Atlanta1:00
Denver at Baltimore1:00
Cincinnati at Carolina1:00
NY Giants at Houston1:00
Tennessee at Jacksonville1:00
San Francisco at Kansas City1:00
Oakland at Miami1:00
Buffalo at Minnesota1:00
Indianapolis at Philadelphia1:00
Green Bay at Washington1:00
LA Chargers at LA Rams4:05
Chicago at Arizona4:25
Dallas at Seattle4:25
New England at Detroit8:20
Monday, Sep. 24
Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay8:15
BYE: Carolina, Washington
Thursday, Sep. 27
Minnesota at LA Rams8:20
Sunday, Sep. 30
Cincinnati at Atlanta1:00
Tampa Bay at Chicago1:00
Detroit at Dallas1:00
Buffalo at Green Bay1:00
Houston at Indianapolis1:00
NY Jets at Jacksonville1:00
Miami at New England1:00
Philadelphia at Tennessee1:00
Seattle at Arizona4:05
Cleveland at Oakland4:05
San Francisco at LA Chargers4:25
New Orleans at NY Giants4:25
Baltimore at Pittsburgh8:20
Monday, Oct. 1
Kansas City at Denver8:15
BYE: Chicago, Tampa Bay
Thursday, Oct. 4
Indianapolis at New England8:20
Sunday, Oct. 7
Tennessee at Buffalo1:00
NY Giants at Carolina1:00
Miami at Cincinnati1:00
Baltimore at Cleveland1:00
Green Bay at Detroit1:00
Jacksonville at Kansas City1:00
Denver at NY Jets1:00
Atlanta at Pittsburgh1:00
Oakland at LA Chargers4:05
Minnesota at Philadelphia4:25
Arizona at San Francisco4:25
LA Rams at Seattle4:25
Dallas at Houston8:20
Monday, Oct. 8
Washington at New Orleans8:15
BYE: Detroit, New Orleans
Thursday, Oct. 11
Philadelphia at NY Giants8:20
Sunday, Oct. 14
Tampa Bay at Atlanta1:00
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati1:00
LA Chargers at Cleveland1:00
Buffalo at Houston1:00
Chicago at Miami1:00
Arizona at Minnesota1:00
Indianapolis at NY Jets1:00
Seattle at Oakland (London)1:00
Carolina at Washington1:00
LA Rams at Denver4:05
Jacksonville at Dallas4:25
Baltimore at Tennessee4:25
Kansas City at New England8:20
Monday, Oct. 15
San Francisco at Green Bay8:15
BYE: Green Bay, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Seattle
Thursday, Oct. 18
Denver at Arizona8:20
Sunday, Oct. 21
Tennessee at LA Chargers (London)9:30am
New England at Chicago1:00
Buffalo at Indianapolis1:00
Houston at Jacksonville1:00
Cincinnati at Kansas City1:00
Detroit at Miami1:00
Minnesota at NY Jets1:00
Carolina at Philadelphia1:00
Cleveland at Tampa Bay1:00
New Orleans at Baltimore4:05
Dallas at Washington4:25
LA Rams at San Francisco8:20
Monday, Oct. 22
NY Giants at Atlanta8:15
BYE: Atlanta, Dallas, LA Chargers, Tennessee
Thursday, Oct. 25
Miami at Houston8:20
Sunday, Oct. 28
Philadelphia at Jacksonville (London)9:30am
Baltimore at Carolina1:00
NY Jets at Chicago1:00
Tampa Bay at Cincinnati1:00
Seattle at Detroit1:00
Denver at Kansas City1:00
Washington at NY Giants1:00
Cleveland at Pittsburgh1:00
Indianapolis at Oakland4:05
San Francisco at Arizona4:25
Green Bay at LA Rams4:25
New Orleans at Minnesota8:20
Monday, Oct. 29
New England at Buffalo8:15
BYE: Arizona, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, NY Giants, Philadelphia
Thursday, Nov. 1
Oakland at San Francisco8:20
Sunday, Nov. 4
Pittsburgh at Baltimore1:00
Chicago at Buffalo1:00
Tampa Bay at Carolina1:00
Kansas City at Cleveland1:00
NY Jets at Miami1:00
Detroit at Minnesota1:00
Atlanta at Washington1:00
Houston at Denver4:05
LA Chargers at Seattle4:05
LA Rams at New Orleans4:25
Green Bay at New England8:20
Monday, Nov. 5
Tennessee at Dallas8:15
BYE: Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Minnesota
Thursday, Nov. 08
Carolina at Pittsburgh8:20
Sunday, Nov. 11
Detroit at Chicago1:00
New Orleans at Cincinnati1:00
Atlanta at Cleveland1:00
Miami at Green Bay1:00
Jacksonville at Indianapolis1:00
Arizona at Kansas City1:00
Buffalo at NY Jets1:00
Washington at Tampa Bay1:00
New England at Tennessee1:00
LA Chargers at Oakland4:05
Seattle at LA Rams4:25
Dallas at Philadelphia8:20
Monday, Nov. 12
NY Giants at San Francisco8:15
BYE: Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami, New England, NY Jets, San Francisco
Thursday, Nov. 15
Green Bay at Seattle8:20
Sunday, Nov. 18
Dallas at Atlanta1:00
Cincinnati at Baltimore1:00
Minnesota at Chicago1:00
Carolina at Detroit1:00
Tennessee at Indianapolis1:00
Philadelphia at New Orleans1:00
Tampa Bay at NY Giants1:00
Houston at Washington1:00
Oakland at Arizona4:05
Denver at LA Chargers4:05
Pittsburgh at Jacksonville8:20
Monday, Nov. 19
Kansas City at LA Rams (Mexico City)8:15
BYE: Kansas City, LA Rams
Thursday, Nov. 22
Chicago at Detroit 12:30p CBS
Washington at Dallas4:30
Atlanta at New Orleans8:20
Sunday, Nov. 25
Oakland at Baltimore1:00
Jacksonville at Buffalo1:00
Seattle at Carolina1:00
Cleveland at Cincinnati1:00
Miami at Indianapolis1:00
New England at NY Jets1:00
NY Giants at Philadelphia1:00
San Francisco at Tampa Bay1:00
Arizona at LA Chargers4:05
Pittsburgh at Denver4:25
Green Bay at Minnesota8:20
Monday, Nov. 26
Tennessee at Houston8:15
Thursday, Nov. 29
New Orleans at Dallas8:20
Sunday, Dec. 2
Baltimore at Atlanta1:00
Denver at Cincinnati1:00
LA Rams at Detroit1:00
Arizona at Green Bay1:00
Cleveland at Houston1:00
Indianapolis at Jacksonville1:00
Buffalo at Miami1:00
Chicago at NY Giants1:00
LA Chargers at Pittsburgh1:00
Carolina at Tampa Bay1:00
Kansas City at Oakland4:05
NY Jets at Tennessee4:05
Minnesota at New England4:25
San Francisco at Seattle8:20
Monday, Dec. 3
Washington at Philadelphia8:15
Thursday, Dec. 6
Jacksonville at Tennessee8:20
Sunday, Dec. 9
NY Jets at Buffalo1:00
LA Rams at Chicago1:00
Carolina at Cleveland1:00
Atlanta at Green Bay1:00
Indianapolis at Houston1:00
Baltimore at Kansas City1:00
New England at Miami1:00
New Orleans at Tampa Bay1:00
NY Giants at Washington1:00
Cincinnati at LA Chargers4:05
Denver at San Francisco4:05
Detroit at Arizona4:25
Philadelphia at Dallas4:25
Pittsburgh at Oakland8:20
Monday, Dec. 10
Minnesota at Seattle8:15
Thursday, Dec. 13
LA Chargers at Kansas City8:20
Saturday, Dec. 15
Houston at NY Jets4:30pm/8:20
Cleveland at Denver4:30pm/8:20
Sunday, Dec. 16
Arizona at Atlanta1:00
Tampa Bay at Baltimore1:00
Detroit at Buffalo1:00
Green Bay at Chicago1:00
Oakland at Cincinnati1:00
Dallas at Indianapolis1:00
Washington at Jacksonville1:00
Miami at Minnesota1:00
Tennessee at NY Giants1:00
Seattle at San Francisco4:05
New England at Pittsburgh4:25
Philadelphia at LA Rams8:20
Monday, Dec. 17
New Orleans at Carolina8:15
Saturday, Dec. 22
NY Giants at IndianapolisTBD
Baltimore at LA ChargersTBD
Jacksonville at MiamiTBD
Washington at TennesseeTBD
Sunday, Dec. 23
Atlanta at Carolina1:00
Cincinnati at Cleveland1:00
Tampa Bay at Dallas1:00
Minnesota at Detroit1:00
Buffalo at New England1:00
Green Bay at NY Jets1:00
Houston at Philadelphia1:00
LA Rams at Arizona4:05
Chicago at San Francisco4:05
Pittsburgh at New Orleans4:25
Kansas City at Seattle8:20
Monday, Dec. 24
Denver at Oakland8:15
Sunday, Dec. 30
Cleveland at Baltimore1:00
Miami at Buffalo1:00
Detroit at Green Bay1:00
Jacksonville at Houston1:00
Oakland at Kansas City1:00
Chicago at Minnesota1:00
NY Jets at New England1:00
Carolina at New Orleans1:00
Dallas at NY Giants1:00
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh1:00
Atlanta at Tampa Bay1:00
Indianapolis at Tennessee1:00
Philadelphia at Washington1:00
LA Chargers at Denver4:25
San Francisco at LA Rams4:25
Arizona at Seattle4:25