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NFL schedule

All times Eastern

Sunday night games for weeks 5-16 subject to change

Thursday, Sept. 8
Carolina at Denver8:30
Sunday, Sept. 11
Tampa Bay at Atlanta1:00
Buffalo at Baltimore1:00
Chicago at Houston1:00
Green Bay at Jacksonville1:00
San Diego at Kansas City1:00
Oakland at New Orleans1:00
Cincinnati at NY Jets1:00
Cleveland at Philadelphia1:00
Minnesota at Tennessee1:00
Miami at Seattle4:05
NY Giants at Dallas4:25
Detroit at Indianapolis4:25
New England at Arizona8:30
Monday, Sept. 12
Pittsburgh at Washington7:10
Los Angeles at San Fran10:20
Thursday, Sept. 15
NY Jets at Buffalo8:25
Sunday, Sept. 18
San Francisco at Carolina1:00
Baltimore at Cleveland1:00
Tennessee at Detroit1:00
Kansas City at Houston1:00
Miami at New England1:00
New Orleans at NY Giants1:00
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh1:00
Dallas at Washington1:00
Tampa Bay at Arizona4:05
Seattle at Los Angeles4:05
Indianapolis at Denver4:25
Atlanta at Oakland4:25
Jacksonville at San Diego4:25
Green Bay at Minnesota8:30
Monday, Sept. 19
Philadelphia at Chicago8:30
Thursday, Sept. 22
Houston at New England8:25
Sunday, Sept. 25
Arizona at Buffalo1:00
Minnesota at Carolina1:00
Denver at Cincinnati1:00
Detroit at Green Bay1:00
Baltimore at Jacksonville1:00
Cleveland at Miami1:00
Washington at NY Giants1:00
Oakland at Tennessee1:00
San Francisco at Seattle4:05
Los Angeles at Tampa Bay4:05
San Diego at Indianapolis4:25
NY Jets at Kansas City4:25
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia4:25
Chicago at Dallas8:30
Monday, Sept. 26
Atlanta at New Orleans8:30
Bye: Green Bay, Philadelphia
Thursday, Sept. 29
Miami at Cincinnati8:25
Sunday, Oct. 2
Indianapolis v. Jacksonville9:30
Carolina at Atlanta1:00
Oakland at Baltimore1:00
Tennessee at Houston1:00
Buffalo at New England1:00
Seattle at NY Jets1:00
Cleveland at Washington1:00
Detroit at Chicago1:00
Denver at Tampa Bay4:05
Los Angeles at Arizona4:25
New Orleans at San Diego4:25
Dallas at San Francisco4:25
Kansas City at Pittsburgh8:30
Monday, Oct. 3
NY Giants at Minnesota8:30
Bye: Jacksonville, Kansas City, New Orleans, Seattle
Thursday, Oct. 6
Arizona at San Francisco8:25
Sunday, Oct. 9
Washington at Baltimore1:00
New England at Cleveland1:00
Philadelphia at Detroit1:00
Chicago at Indianapolis1:00
Tennessee at Miami1:00
Houston at Minnesota1:00
NY Jets at Pittsburgh1:00
Atlanta at Denver4:05
Cincinnati at Dallas4:25
Buffalo at Los Angeles4:25
San Diego at Oakland4:25
NY Giants at Green Bay8:30
Monday, Oct. 10
Tampa Bay at Carolina8:30
Bye: Minnesota, Tampa Bay
Thursday, Oct. 13
Denver at San Diego8:25
Sunday, Oct. 16
San Francisco at Buffalo1:00
Jacksonville at Chicago1:00
Los Angeles at Detroit1:00
Pittsburgh at Miami1:00
Cincinnati at New England1:00
Carolina at New Orleans1:00
Baltimore at NY Giants1:00
Philadelphia at Washington1:00
Cleveland at Tennessee1:00
Kansas City at Oakland4:05
Dallas at Green Bay4:25
Atlanta at Seattle4:25
Indianapolis at Houston8:30
Monday, Oct. 17
NY Jets at Arizona8:30
Bye: Carolina, Dallas
Thursday, Oct. 20
Chicago at Green Bay8:25
Sunday, Oct. 23
NY Giants v. Los Angeles9:30
Cleveland at Cincinnati1:00
Washington at Detroit1:00
Oakland at Jacksonville1:00
New Orleans at Kansas City1:00
Buffalo at Miami1:00
Baltimore at NY Jets1:00
Minnesota at Philadelphia1:00
Indianapolis at Tennessee1:00
San Diego at Atlanta4:05
Tampa Bay at San Francisco4:05
New England at Pittsburgh4:25
Seattle at Arizona8:30
Monday, Oct. 24
Houston at Denver8:30
Bye: Baltimore, Miami, NY Giants, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Francisco
Thursday, Oct. 27
Jacksonville at Tennessee8:25
Sunday, Oct. 30
Washington v. Cincinnati9:30
Green Bay at Atlanta1:00
New England at Buffalo1:00
NY Jets at Cleveland1:00
Detroit at Houston1:00
Kansas City at Indianapolis1:00
Seattle at New Orleans1:00
Oakland at Tampa Bay1:00
San Diego at Denver4:05
Arizona at Carolina4:25
Philadelphia at Dallas8:30
Monday, Oct. 31
Minnesota at Chicago8:30
Bye: Arizona, Chicago, Cincinnati, Washington, New England, Houston
Thursday, Nov. 3
Atlanta at Tampa Bay8:25
Sunday, Nov. 6
Pittsburgh at Baltimore1:00
Dallas at Cleveland1:00
Jacksonville at Kansas City1:00
NY Jets at Miami1:00
Detroit at Minnesota1:00
Philadelphia at NY Giants1:00
Carolina at Los Angeles4:05
New Orleans at San Fran4:05
Indianapolis at Green Bay4:25
Tennessee at San Diego4:25
Denver at Oakland8:30
Monday, Nov. 7
Buffalo at Seattle8:30
All times Eastern
Bye: Buffalo, Detroit, Indianapolis, Oakland
Thursday, Nov. 10
Cleveland at Baltimore8:25
Sunday, Nov. 13
Kansas City at Carolina1:00
Houston at Jacksonville1:00
Denver at New Orleans1:00
Los Angeles at NY Jets1:00
Atlanta at Philadelphia1:00
Chicago at Tampa Bay1:00
Green Bay at Tennessee1:00
Minnesota at Washington1:00
Miami at San Diego4:05
San Francisco at Arizona4:25
Dallas at Pittsburgh4:25
Seattle at New England8:30
Monday, Nov. 14
Cincinnati at NY Giants8:30
Bye: Atlanta, Denver, NY Jets, San Diego
Thursday, Nov. 17
New Orleans at Carolina8:25
Sunday, Nov. 20
Buffalo at Cincinnati1:00
Pittsburgh at Cleveland1:00
Baltimore at Dallas1:00
Jacksonville at Detroit1:00
Tennessee at Indianapolis1:00
Tampa Bay at Kansas City1:00
Arizona at Minnesota1:00
Chicago at NY Giants1:00
Miami at Los Angeles4:05
New England at San Fran4:25
Philadelphia at Seattle4:25
Green Bay at Washington8:30
Monday, Nov. 21
Houston at Oakland8:30
Thursday, Nov. 24
Minnesota at Detroit12:30
Washington at Dallas4:30
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis8:30
Sunday, Nov. 27
Arizona at Atlanta1:00
Cincinnati at Baltimore1:00
Jacksonville at Buffalo1:00
Tennessee at Chicago1:00
NY Giants at Cleveland1:00
San Diego at Houston1:00
San Francisco at Miami1:00
Los Angeles at New Orleans1:00
Seattle at Tampa Bay4:05
Kansas City at Denver4:25
Carolina at Oakland4:25
New England at NY Jets8:30
Monday, Nov. 28
Green Bay at Philadelphia8:30
Bye: Tennessee, Cleveland
Thursday, Dec. 1
Dallas at Minnesota8:25
Sunday, Dec. 4
Kansas City at Atlanta1:00
Miami at Baltimore1:00
San Francisco at Chicago1:00
Philadelphia at Cincinnati1:00
Houston at Green Bay1:00
Denver at Jacksonville1:00
Los Angeles at New England.1:00
Detroit at New Orleans1:00
Buffalo at Oakland4:05
Washington at Arizona4:25
NY Giants at Pittsburgh4:25
Tampa Bay at San Diego4:25
Carolina at Seattle8:30
Monday, Dec. 5
Indianapolis at NY Jets8:30
Thursday, Dec. 8
Oakland at Kansas City8:25
Sunday, Dec. 11
Pittsburgh at Buffalo1:00
San Diego at Carolina1:00
Cincinnati at Cleveland1:00
Chicago at Detroit1:00
Houston at Indianapolis1:00
Minnesota at Jacksonville1:00
Arizona at Miami1:00
Washington at Philadelphia1:00
New Orleans at Tampa Bay1:00
Denver at Tennessee1:00
NY Jets at San Francisco4:05
Seattle at Green Bay4:25
Atlanta at Los Angeles4:25
Dallas at NY Giants8:30
Monday, Dec. 12
Baltimore at New England8:30
Thursday, Dec. 15
Los Angeles at Seattle8:25
Saturday, Dec. 17
Miami at NY Jets8:25
Sunday, Dec. 18
Philadelphia at Baltimore1:00
Cleveland at Buffalo1:00
Green Bay at Chicago1:00
Tampa Bay at Dallas1:00
Jacksonville at Houston1:00
Tennessee at Kansas City1:00
Indianapolis at Minnesota1:00
Detroit at NY Giants1:00
New Orleans at Arizona4:05
San Francisco at Atlanta4:05
New England at Denver4:25
Oakland at San Diego4:25
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati8:30
Monday, Dec. 19
Carolina at Washington8:30
Thursday, Dec. 22
NY Giants at Philadelphia8:25
Saturday, Dec. 24
Miami at Buffalo1:00
Atlanta at Carolina1:00
Washington at Chicago1:00
San Diego at Cleveland1:00
Minnesota at Green Bay1:00
Tennessee at Jacksonville1:00
NY Jets at New England1:00
Tampa Bay at New Orleans1:00
Indianapolis at Oakland4:05
San Fran. at Los Angeles4:25
Arizona at Seattle4:25
Cincinnati at Houston8:25
Sunday, Dec. 25
Baltimore at Pittsburgh4:30
Denver at Kansas City8:30
Monday, Dec. 26
Detroit at Dallas8:30
Sunday, Jan. 1
New Orleans at Atlanta1:00
Baltimore at Cincinnati1:00
Carolina at Tampa Bay1:00
Houston at Tennessee1:00
NY Giants at Washington1:00
Green Bay at Detroit1:00
Jacksonville at Indianapolis1:00
New England at Miami1:00
Chicago at Minnesota1:00
Buffalo at NY Jets1:00
Dallas at Philadelphia1:00
Cleveland at Pittsburgh1:00
Oakland at Denver4:25
Arizona at Los Angeles4:25
Kansas City at San Diego4:25
Seattle at San Francisco4:25