When we put the Weekly to bed on Wednesday mornings, weather forecasts are still a few days away. Now it's Friday, and we have a more accurate picture about what might be going on in Philadelphia, New England and Pittsburgh. (We don't care about Minnesota, those are issues for the fans driving to the game, which will be played indoors, to worry about.)

  • In Philadelphia tomorrow, Falcons-Eagles will be played in 31 degree temperatures, with no precipitation expected. There will be winds of 15 mph, though, which could affect passing games (and will make it feel even colder). Atlanta will probably be forced to pass against Philadelphia's stout run defense, but it won't be particularly favorable conditions.

  • In Foxborough tomorrow night for Titans-Patriots, it will be about 25 degrees at kickoff, and dropping over the course of the game. But no rain or snow is expected, and the winds won't be too bad -- 10 mph. The passing games shouldn't be overly impacted by weather.

  • Jaguars-Steelers on Sunday afternoon will have the toughest weather to deal with. It's going to be very cold, with temperatures in the teens and possibly dropping to single digits during the game. There's only a 10 percent chance of snow, and wind doesn't look too bad (4 mph). But it will be cold, which could affect kicks and passing games. Might help turn things into a lower-scoring defensive struggle, potentially benefiting the Jaguars, who would probably prefer that kind of game.

--Andy Richardson