Johnny Manziel last week said he was hoping to make an NFL comeback at some point. He's conceded problems with alcohol and depression, but says he's gotten his life back in order. Whether some NFL team will give him another chance, though, is unclear. Even if he's been able to put his off-field problems in the past, there might not be enough on-field promise for any team to take him on.

Certainly, it sounds like he's done some growing up the last couple of years. He's just 25 years old, a reminder of how young he was when the Browns made him a first-round pick back in 2014. That doesn't excuse all of his off-field issues, including a domestic violence charge.

Manziel might need to go to the CFL to show enough to draw interest from an NFL team, because his NFL work probably won't help. He barely played as a rookie, but when given more opportunities in year 2, he struggled. He completely under 58 percent of his passes, and while that's not necessarily a killer, it doesn't bode well for his chances of NFL success.

Since 200o, there have been 38 quarterbacks drafted in the first round who went on to attempt at least 100 passes in their second NFL seasons. Of those players, 16 had a lower completion percentage than Manziel, and only two of those 16 (Cam Newton and Eli Manning) can really be said to have gone on to have successful careers. Two others (Michael Vick and Sam Bradford) have had some success; maybe they should also be mentioned. Perhaps Mark Sanchez. But the other 11 all washed out of the NFL fairly quickly.

201432Teddy Bridgewater, Minn.29244765.33231149
200611Jay Cutler, Den.29746763.634972014
200818Joe Flacco, Balt.31549963.136132112
200411Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.16826862.72385179
20063Vince Young, Tenn.23838262.32546917
201112Christian Ponder, Minn.30048362.129351812
20161Jared Goff, LAR29647762.13804287
200917Josh Freeman, T.B.29147461.43451256
20152Marcus Mariota, Tenn.27645161.23426269
20031Carson Palmer, Cin.26343260.928971818
20151Jameis Winston, T.B.34556760.840902818
20037Byron Leftwich, Jac.26744160.529411510
20128Ryan Tannehill, Mia.35558860.439132417
20162Carson Wentz, Phil.26544060.23296337
20121Andrew Luck, Ind.34357060.23822239
20122Robert Griffin III, Wash.27445660.132031612
20143Blake Bortles, Jac.35560658.644283518
20083Matt Ryan, Atl.26345158.329162214
201110Blaine Gabbert, Jac.16227858.3166296
20051Alex Smith, S.F.25744258.128901616
201316EJ Manuel, Buff.7613158.083853
201422Johnny Manziel, Clev.12922357.8150075
20111Cam Newton, Car.28048557.738691912
20021David Carr, Hou.16729556.62013913
20118Jake Locker, Tenn.17731456.421761011
20023Joey Harrington, Det.30955455.828801722
200319Kyle Boller, Balt.25846455.625591311
20011Michael Vick, Atl.23142154.92936168
20095Mark Sanchez, NYJ27850754.832911713
20071JaMarcus Russell, Oak.19836853.82423138
200610Matt Leinart, Ariz.6011253.664724
20101Sam Bradford, St.L.19135753.5216466
200525Jason Campbell, Wash.11020753.11297106
200232Patrick Ramsey, Wash.17933753.12166149
201222Brandon Weeden, Clev.14126752.8173199
20041Eli Manning, NYG29455752.837622417
200422J.P. Losman, Buff.11322849.6134088
201025Tim Tebow, Den.12627146.51729126

Doesn't mean that Manziel, if his off-field life is in order and he can find a roster spot with a good coaching staff, can't still make it in the NFL. But he's probably going to have to show something in the CFL, and stay clean and sober for a longer period of time, for an NFL franchise to give him a shot.

--Andy Richardson