For the third time in five months, a team has traded a wide receiver who scored 10-plus touchdowns for it three times. First Demaryius Thomas, then Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham in the last week. In the Super Bowl era, who are the only other three teams that have drafted a wide receiver, put him on the field for at least three seasons with double-digit touchdowns, and then traded him? Two come from this century. For the hardest of the three, go way back and think contract dispute.


Randy Moss was a standout for the Vikings, who later dished him off to the Raiders (the Patriots also traded Moss after three double-digit touchdown seasons but did not draft him). Terrell Owens forced his way out of San Francisco, who traded him to Philadelphia after a three-team dispute (the 49ers initially tried to trade him to the Ravens, maintaining Owens hadn’t properly voided his contract, while Owens had signed with the Eagles). Going back to 1981, there's John Jefferson. He caught 13, 10 and 13 TDs in his first three seasons for San Diego. He wanted a new deal, but the Chargers instead traded him to Green Bay.