Saw a story this week where Chris Ballard was talking about second-year wideout Deon Cain. The Colts drafted him in the sixth round a year ago, but he tore his ACL in the preseason. Ballard says Cain showed flashes before the injury, and thinks he has tremendous upside.

Maybe so, and it's true the Colts have mostly unknowns at wide receiver. T.Y. Hilton of course, but then just Chester Rogers and free agent Devin Funchess -- not an impossible lineup to crack. Cain scored 20 TDs in three college seasons at Clemson, and went over 700 receiving yards his last two years.

But as a sixth-round pick, Cain will be beating some pretty long odds if he does anything. One really famous one this century and one or two other pretty good ones, but not much else.

Since 2000, there have been 88 wide receivers selected in sixth rounds of NFL drafts. Antonio Brown has been great, and Pierre Garcon has had a nice career. Quincy Enunwa has been solid when healthy for the Jets. And that's pretty much everyone who has done anything -- in Year 2, or ever.

Table shows all sixth-round wideouts since 2000, with their Year 2 numbers (which Cain is about to embark on) if they put up even 150 receiving yards. Not very many even managed that.

2010Antonio Brown, Pitt.6911082
2008Pierre Garcon, Ind.477654
2009Brandon Gibson, Phil.536202
2008Josh Morgan, S.F.525273
2014Quincy Enunwa, NYJ223150
2011Aldrick Robinson, Wash.112373
2011Dwayne Harris, Dall.172221
2013Corey Fuller, Det.142121
2016Jakeem Grant, Mia.132032
2012LaVon Brazill, Ind.121612
2003David Tyree, NYG101551
2018Ray-Ray McCloud, Buff.???
2018Damion Ratley, Clev.???
2018Dylan Cantrell, LAC???
2018Deon Cain, Ind.???
2018Cedrick Wilson, Dall.???
2018Russell Gage, Atl.???
2018Equanimeous St. Brown, G.B.???
2018Braxton Berrios, N.E.???
2003Arnaz Battle, S.F.
2016Mike Thomas, L.A.
2014T.J. Jones, Det.
2017Robert Davis, Wash.
2016Moritz Böhringer, Minn.
2016Kolby Listenbee, Buff.
2016Cody Core, Cin.
2016Aaron Burbridge, S.F.
2015Kaelin Clay, T.B.
2015Geremy Davis, NYG
2015Evan Spencer, Wash.
2015Bud Sasser, St.L.
2014Robert Herron, T.B.
2002Kahlil Hill, Atl.
2002LaMont Brightful, Balt.
2002Lee Mays, Pitt.
2002Jamin Elliott, Chi.
2002Javin Hunter, Balt.
2002Deveren Johnson, Dall.
2001Bobby Newcombe, Ariz.
2001Cedrick Wilson, S.F.
2001Kevin Kasper, Den.
2001Francis S. Paul, St.L.
2000Mareno Philyaw, Atl.
2000James Williams, Sea.
2000Emanuel Smith, Jac.
2000Sherrod Gideon, N.O.
2014Matt Hazel, Mia.
2014Walt Powell, Ariz.
2013Ryan Swope, Ariz.
2013Justin Brown, Pitt.
2013Alan Bonner, Hou.
2013Cobi Hamilton, Cin.
2012B.J. Cunningham, Mia.
2012Marvin McNutt, Phil.
2012Tommy Streeter, Balt.
2011Ryan Whalen, Cin.
2011Ronald Johnson, S.F.
2010Carlton Mitchell, Clev.
2010Dezmon Briscoe, Cin.
2010David Gettis, Car.
2010Kyle Williams, S.F.
2009Quinten Lawrence, K.C.
2009Dominique Edison, Tenn.
2008Marcus Henry, NYJ
2008Kevin Robinson, K.C.
2008Paul Hubbard, Clev.
2008Jaymar Johnson, Minn.
2007Joel Filani, Tenn.
2007Courtney Taylor, Sea.
2007Jordan Kent, Sea.
2006Mike Hass, N.O.
2006Jonathan Orr, Tenn.
2006Adam Jennings, Atl.
2006Jeff Webb, K.C.
2005Chad Owens, Jac.
2005Tab Perry, Cin.
2005Dante Ridgeway, St.L.
2005Craig Bragg, G.B.
2004Jamaar Taylor, NYG
2004Ryan Krause, S.D.
2004Triandos Luke, Den.
2004Jeris McIntyre, K.C.
2004Clarence Moore, Balt.
2003David Kircus, Det.
2003Zuriel Smith, Dall.
2003LaTarence Dunbar, Atl.
2003Willie Ponder, NYG
2003Kareem Kelly, N.O.

It's not too late for some guys on this list. Jakeem Grant could still turn into a solid starter. And a couple of other sixth-rounders from last year, Equanimeous St. Brown and Braxton Berrios, could emerge. So maybe Cain will too.

But just a last-round flier, I think, rather than somebody to count on doing anything. Whatever Ballard is saying in April.

--Andy Richardson