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Factoid: Kickers in domes

A couple of times in the last week, I have heard the theory that we should all be trying to select kickers from teams playing in domes. Weather makes it harder to convert field goals, the idea goes, so teams playing outside should score fewer of those points. But is it a strategy that holds water?  more »


Around the NFL: Dwayne Bowe

The Browns won't have suspended Josh Gordon running routes in the 2015 season, but never fear. That's what recently signed Dwayne Bowe thinks, anyway.   more »

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Trivia: July 7, 2015

Who is the only enshrinee in the Pro Football Hall of Fame never to have been associated with the NFL? He was never connected with an NFL team in any role – player, coach, general manager, owner, commissioner. answer »


Factoid: Ages of tight ends

Last week I looked at ages for peak production among wide receivers and running backs. I concluded that the most popular age for big seasons and career-best numbers were when said players were 25-26 years old. And I noted that with wide receivers, there’s not much dropoff to ages 27-29, while with running backs, the next-best level of years is on the younger side (23-24 years old). Today I’m turning the focus on tight ends.  more »

Factoid: Giants Defense

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was involved in a fireworks mishap over the weekend. Initial reports were scary, but more recent updates have indicated that he should be OK. That would be a relief not only for him but the Giants defense, which has benefited from his disruptive presence.   more »

Trivia: July 6, 2015

Who are the only four coaches to win division titles with three different teams? answer »

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Scheduletron: Strength of schedule

Some fantasy leaguers like to look at schedules, particularly late in the year. Anything to get a slight advantage in those keep matchups during the fantasy postseason. With that, I offer the 1 thru 32 listings of strength of schedule for just Weeks 13-16.  more »

Factoid: Year two tight ends

In the past we've talked about how rookie tight ends have fared in their first seasons -- not very well. Since Jeremy Shockey in 2002, only one rookie has even reached 600 receiving yards. So no reason to worry about quiet seasons from the likes of Eric Ebron and Jace Amaro.   more »

Trivia: July 5, 2015

Eleven quarterbacks have thrown more than 40 TD passes in a season. Who are the only two of these who did it for teams that didn’t make the playoffs? answer »

Fantasy News: Fanex Analysis Draft

The Fanex Analysis Draft has ended. Finally. And as part of the post-op, I’ll take a quick look at the other franchises. I think I can tell who’ll win and who’ll tend to struggle, but we’ll find out for sure at the end of the year.  more »


Around the NFL: Davante Adams

If you're looking to use a late-round pick on some young, No. 3 receiver who could come out of nowhere this year, you could do worse than considering Davante Adams. Worst-case scenario appears to be No. 3 wideout in an elite passing attack that uses mostly 3-wide receiver sets.   more »


Trivia: July 4, 2015

Who are the only two quarterbacks who’ve been sacked 60-plus times in a season twice? answer »

Mailbag: July 3, 2015

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition: Which running back should be targeted in Dallas? Is Kelvin Benjamin too fat to be an elite wide receiver? And will Jimmy Graham help or hurt Russell Wilson's production? more »


Around the NFL: Ladarius Green

Antonio Gates is down for the first four games of the season due to a league suspension. The heir apparent, Ladarius Green, stands to benefit. Based on other games when the Chargers have been without Gates in recent years, what should be expected from Green?   more »

Trivia: July 3, 2015

Among the 20 quarterbacks who’ve thrown for the most yards in NFL history, who are the only two who weren’t drafted? answer »


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