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Around the NFL: Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson is on his way out of Houston. The Texans have given him permission to work out a trade. If they can’t find a partner, they’ll release their all-time leading receiver (and that’s probably how it will play out).   more »

Around the NFL: Josh McCown

The Browns have signed Josh McCown, but have they solved their quarterbacking problems? He’s a 35-year-old who’s played for six different teams, but he hasn’t had much success overall.   more »

Factoid: 1,000-yard rushers

Over the weekend we posted the list of 1,000-yard receivers from the last three seasons. Here's the list of running backs who went for 1,000 yards in the same span...  more »

Trivia: March 2, 2015

Vinny Testaverde, Chris Chandler, Jeff Blake, Gus Frerotte and Steve Bono. What do these quarterbacks have in common? Hint: Josh McCown could join them in 2015. answer »

Factoid: DeMarco Murray

DeMarco Murray led the league in rushing last year, and he may be headed for free agency. Both he and Dez Bryant are due to be free agents, and the Cowboys might not be able to afford to re-sign both of them. And should Dallas even try to re-sign Murray.   more »

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Around the NFL: Mariota-Kelly reunion rumor gathers steam

Maybe it was the kind of rumor that started in someone's mind, the idea that Eagles coach Chip Kelly would try to engineer a trade-up for his former college quarterback, Marcus Mariota...  more »

Trivia: March 1, 2015

Who were the last two players to be selected twice in NFL drafts? Oddly, these guys both attended the University of Miami, and were on the team at the same time. One was drafted in 1988 and 1989; the other was drafted in 1991 and 1992. answer »

Factoid: Julius Thomas

It looks like Julius Thomas is headed for free agency, and it will be interesting to see where he lands. It’s not often that a tight end of his quality is on the market. Some of his success can be attributed to playing with Peyton Manning, but he’s a talented receiving threat.   more »

Factoid: 1,000-yard receivers

Being a 1,000-yard receiver used to be a pretty big deal...  more »


Trivia: February 28, 2015

What former NFL receiver was nicknamed after an animal that had its own TV show? answer »


Around the NFL: Steven Jackson

The Falcons have released Steven Jackson. He joins a crowded field of free agent running backs. He’s 31, and his production has slipped a notch in recent years.   more »

Factoid: Jacoby Jones

The Ravens released Jacoby Jones on Tuesday, unwilling to pay him the salary he was due to be an excellent return man but mediocre receiver...  more »

Trivia: February 27, 2015

Name the players who hold the NFL records for most passing, rushing and receiving yards in a season: answer »


Poll: February 26, 2015

How many teams are in your primary fantasy league?

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Around the NFL: Rookie quarterbacks

I see on the Sports Illustrated website that Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht was wondering out loud about the 18 interceptions Jameis Winston threw last year. In the last 20 years, only one quarterback selected in the first round has thrown more picks in his final college season. “Usually you find when a guy throws interceptions in college that doesn’t go away in the pros,” Licht says.   more »

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