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Around the NFL: Gronk says goodbye

Rob Gronkowski retired yesterday, leaving behind all kinds of debates and questions. Was he the greatest tight end ever? Who will be the Patriots No. 1 tight end next season? How bad will his movie career be?  more »

Trivia: March 25, 2019

There’s some chance that the first two tight ends selected in the draft will both be Iowa Hawkeyes. T.J. Hockenson might go in the first round, and Noah Fant could be gone by the end of the second. When was the last time a school had two tight ends selected in the first four rounds of a draft? One has been named to two Pro Bowls, while the other was the tallest tight end in the league last year. answer »

Around the NFL: Follow the money

When a free agent signs and no financial details are revealed that day, that’s not a good sign. That usually means that it’s a lesser deal, with the agent and player quietly hoping that nobody notices that they had to settle for a modest contract.   more »

Factoid: Interception-poor Cowboys

The Cowboys have been in the market for a safety. They were apparently chasing after Earl Thomas for the better part of a year, though nothing happened with that one. They had Eric Berry in for a visit. And yesterday they signed former Viking George Iloka.   more »

Trivia: March 24, 2019

What’s the only team that in this century has had four different quarterbacks finish seasons with top-10 numbers? Assume standard fantasy scoring. Green Bay, for example, has had only two such quarterbacks – Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Looking for a team with four. answer »

Factoid: Austin Hooper

I heard Matt Ryan saying the Falcons need to use Austin Hooper more. Sounds good to me. When they throw to him, good things tend to happen.  more »


Around the NFL: Texans offensive line

The Houston Texans signed Matt Kalil yesterday. It's a big name at the tackle position, but not a successful one. Kalil struggled for Carolina in 2017 and then missed all of last year with a knee injury of some sort. But the Texans have little choice but to throw things at the wall and hope something sticks.   more »

Trivia: March 23, 2019

What three teams have ranked in the bottom-10 in rushing in each of the last three years? answer »

Factoid: Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant says he’s ready to bounce back in a big way. The three-time Pro Bowl is available and campaigning for a new team. “I will be a steal wherever I go,” Bryant posted on his Twitter account yesterday. “Bet on it.”   more »


Around the NFL: Colts add Houston

The Colts signed Justin Houston yesterday, and it looks like a sharp move by the franchise. Kansas City didn't want to pay the pass rusher what he was due to make in 2019, but he's still one of the league's better players at getting after the quarterback.   more »


Trivia: March 22, 2019

What player piled up 917 receiving yards in the second half of last year – 124 more than any other player? answer »

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Factoid: Dallas / goal-line rushing

Ezekiel Elliott is definitely one of the few franchise-type running backs. I’d be comfortable selecting him with one of the first few picks. But I’m not crazy about his use around the goal line.  more »


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Around the NFL: Jared Cook

Multiple reports, including from Cook himself, have Jared Cook close to signing with the Saints. If and when he does, the Saints will have by far their best pass-catching tight end since Jimmy Graham roamed the Superdome. New Orleans might have forgotten to make the position a big part of the passing game, however.   more »


Trivia: March 21, 2019

What team in the last 10 years has been led in TD catches by 10 different players? answer »

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