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Factoid: San Francisco 49ers

I’m not sure if I should admit this, but I kind of like Brian Hoyer. I think he’s better than people realize, and I like the fit with Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Hoyer is 16-16 as a starter in his career.  more »


Around the NFL: Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons blew the Super Bowl, and it's tough for Super Bowl losers to return to the big game -- hasn't happened in more than 20 years, in fact. But Atlanta certainly seems to be set up for a few more years of excellence, and mostly it's because of how they've killed it the NFL Draft.   more »

Trivia: March 30, 2017

Who’s the only tight end in league history to go over 1,000 receiving yards as a rookie? answer »

Factoid: NFL draft

I will be interested to see where Leonard Fournette goes. He’s a big man, and he runs angry. He’s also faster than what I was expecting.  more »


Andy Richardson: NFL approves dull rule changes

NFL owners are meeting this week to discuss important business like when the Cowboys are going to release Tony Romo rather than trying to pry a late-round conditional pick out of the Houston Texans. They also approved a whole lot of rule changes, adopted with an eye to player safety, improving the game, and probably making money. Here's the rundown.   more »


Trivia: March 29, 2017

Who’s the only quarterback who inside the 5-yard line has thrown 3 interceptions in the last two years? The answer most certainly will surprise you. answer »

Ian Allan: Seattle Seahawks

I think it’s time for the Seahawks to move on from Jermaine Kearse. He’s had some notable postseason catches for them (including game-winning touchdowns in two NFC Championship games and that weird juggling catch against New England in the Super Bowl) but overall he’s just not good enough.  more »


Trivia: March 28, 2017

What was the first team with a stadium featuring luxury boxes? answer »

Around the NFL: Clive Walford

Clive Walford looked like a possible breakout tight end heading into last season. The second-year player seemed to have the job to himself in an up-and-coming passing game in Oakland. But things didn't happen for him, and GM Reggie McKenzie seemed to trace Walford's problems to an offseason ATV accident.   more »


Factoid: Philadelphia Eagles

I’m not sure who deserves most of the credit. Coordinator Dave Fipp, I suppose. But the Eagles have been remarkably good on special teams. It’s hard to believe.  more »

Factoid: Denver Broncos

Drafting a fantasy defense is a tricky proposition. Coaching staffs and players come and go, and schemes change. But when it comes to pass rush, no defense has been more consistent in recent years than Denver.   more »

Trivia: March 27, 2017

What three teams have gone over 20 years without using either a first- or second-round pick on a tight end? answer »

Factoid: New York Jets

Josh McCown signed with the Jets, and for that he deserves some kind of award. He’s been slaving away in lesser circumstances for the last three years, bouncing around from the Bucs to the Browns and now to the Jets – all teams with no prayer of finishing .500.  more »


Factoid: Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is looking for a new job, but hasn't found any takers as of yet. Sounds like the biggest obstacle is his contract demands; he reportedly wants to be paid like an elite back. But he's 32 years old, at a position where teams are increasingly content to get by with lesser, cheaper players.   more »


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