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Ian Allan: Can't-miss running backs

A player like Christian McCaffrey gets a lot more interesting in an auction format. If you’re picking first (or maybe second) in a draft, you’ll have to decide whether to take him or not take him. The other 10-11 owners need not bother with that decision.   more »


Factoid: Short-yardage rushing

In yesterday's discussion/debate on Melvin Gordon, one of the things brought up was that in today's pass-focused NFL, it's not the running backs busting the big gains that are as important as the ones punching out the tough yard in crucial situations to move the chains. Which backs are best in those situations?  more »


Trivia: April 1, 2020

Jameis Winston last year had 7 interceptions returned for touchdowns. According to the Pro Football Reference website, that’s the most ever. Since the merger in 1970, who is the only other quarterback with 6 such interceptions in a season? answer »

Factoid: Bucs tight ends

Tom Brady likes throwing to tight ends, and he’s got an interesting pair in Tampa Bay. O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate are both good, and they’re also really different.   more »


Andy Richardson: Broncos running backs

We keep a lot of different files, used to pull out different factoids about different players and position groupings. So when I see a news item about a particular player, I go hunting through the files to see if there's a particular stat or trend involving him that's interesting.   more »


Trivia: March 31, 2020

Who was the only member of the Tennessee Titans who last year caught 3 TD passes inside the 10-yard line? answer »

Factoid: Kirk Cousins

Working on an overview of the Vikings, I notice that Kirk Cousins pulled off an usual statistical feat last year. He threw 20 more touchdowns than interceptions yet finished only 19th in fantasy scoring at his position. It hardly seems possible.  more »


Factoid: Second-round wide receivers

A recent story out of Philadelphia has GM Howie Roseman saying that second-year wideout JJ Arcega-Whiteside needs to step things up this season. No kidding: Arcega-Whiteside caught only 10 passes as a rookie, despite injuries gutting the position for the Eagles. He's one of several 2019 second-rounders that can be said about.   more »


Trivia: March 30, 2020

What is the only team that does not currently have on its roster a wide receiver who entered the league as a first-, second-, third- or fourth-round draft pick? (And to clarify, the Browns didn’t draft Odell Beckham or Jarvis Landry, but those players were originally chosen in the first and second rounds – Cleveland is not the answer). answer »


Factoid: Passing trend

With the way the game keeps evolving, I think we’ll see plenty of easy short completions this year. That’s the direction the game is headed.  more »


Around the NFL: Devin Funchess

The Packers have signed Devin Funchess, a one-year, $2.5 million deal that could be worth "up to $6 million," but probably won't be. It's a far cry from the inexplicable $10 million contract he signed with the Colts a year ago, before spending the year on IR.  more »


Trivia: March 29, 2020

There were 30 wide receivers last year who had at least 100 passes thrown their way (not 100 catches but a 100 targets). What is the only team that currently has three of those players under contract? answer »

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Factoid: Joe Mixon

I have some interest in Joe Mixon. He’s a talented back, and I think the Bengals will use him a lot more this year.  more »


Around the NFL: Greg the Leg

The Cowboys signed Greg Zuerlein yesterday. Yes, sorry, the signing of a kicker was probably the biggest NFL-related news item to come down the pike yesterday. It's a name that gets people interested because of past fantasy success and the cool nicknames, but it should be noted that he's available because he's coming off a disappointing season.   more »


Trivia: March 28, 2020

Earnest Byner in 1988 finished the season with 576 rushing yards and 576 receiving yards. Who is the only other player in the last 49 years who’s gone over 400 yards as both a runner and a receiver, finishing with the exact same yardage total in each category? It happened last season, and the player finished with 410 rushing and 410 receiving yards. answer »

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