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Ian Allan: Early First Round

I put out the little blurb about Antonio Brown last night, and the critics came out with guns a-blazing. Four different guys pointed out that running backs are a crapshoot, while with wide receivers we all know who the top guys are going to be. Receivers are issued along with U.S. Treasury bonds; you select Antonio Brown with the first pick, and three months later you get to go down and collect your 125 catches, 1,800 yards and 12 TDs.  more »


Around the NFL: Oakland Defense

The Oakland Raiders haven't had a winning season since 2002. Haven't had a relevant fantasy defense in a few years either. It was 2010 when they last ranked higher than 17th in a sack-and-turnover based scoring system. But maybe 2016 will be the year.   more »


Trivia: May 31, 2016

What player started for a college basketball team that won the NCAA tournament (finishing the season undefeated) and less than two weeks after that basketball championship game was selected in the NFL draft? answer »

Factoid: Antonio Brown

I was just putting together some Experts Poll stuff for the magazine. That’s the feature where we featured 20 other analysts. And I notice that they are giving wide receivers a lot more respect in the overall portion of the poll. Antonio Brown winds up No. 1, and Odell Beckham Jr. and Julio Jones are in the top 5.   more »


Factoid: Interceptions

Interceptions are down across the league; quarterbacks are doing a better job of taking care of the football (and winding up on the bench when they don't). We've showed those team interception numbers recently. It's lesser production which, naturally, filters down to the individual players.   more »

Trivia: May 30, 2016

What player was his team’s Rookie of the Year in 1968, left following that season to serve in Vietnam, and was killed in action on July 21, 1970? answer »


Factoid: Cleveland Browns

I see there’s a blurb on the team website of the Browns today. Their running backs coach, Kirby Wilson, says the team will feature a smash-mouth, running-oriented offense. Typical offseason fare.   more »


Factoid: NFC West is the best

There's a lot to be said for reliability in fantasy football. Everyone doesn't have to be a star, but the fewer that totally go bust, the better. In the realm of fantasy defenses, your best bets over the past four seasons to be steady performers both hail from the NFC West.  more »

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Trivia: May 29, 2016

What are the only two current NFL teams that never in their history have had a No. 1 overall pick in the draft play for them? (They need not have drafted the player – he could be obtained via trade, waivers or free agency). answer »


Ian Allan: Shaughnessy's Law

Shaughnessy’s Law spells out that wherever a player happens to be selected in a draft, his slot isn’t his position remains constant. That is, if a running back is the 8th runner chosen, it doesn’t matter so much if he were selected in the second, third or fourth round – he’s still the 8th running back chosen.  more »


Factoid: First to near-worst

We like to think we can predict things with some degree of accuracy, in every fantasy arena. But there are always exceptions that prove what a guessing game we're involved in, none more so than the 2015 Buffalo Bills defense.  more »

Trivia: May 28, 2016

What two teams participated in the first Super Bowl held indoors? answer »

Factoid: Connor Cook

I was surprised Connor Cook lasted until the fourth round. I think most people were. The general feeling was that he would go in either the second or third. Eventually the Raiders traded up and got him, figuring to develop behind behind Derek Carr.   more »

Factoid: Eddie Lacy / 2013 running backs

Eddie Lacy is on the list of potential bounce-back running backs. Not that he was horrible last year, but he was overweight and didn't live up to expectations. Now he's been working out and taking off the weight, and has a chance to reward fantasy teams who select him.   more »


Trivia: May 27, 2016

What was the original name of the Detroit Lions? answer »

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