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Scheduletron: Early-season schedules

If you’re looking for a team that’s going to get off to a fast start, the Dallas Cowboys look like a good choice. The schedule lays out nicely for them.  more »


Factoid: Dolphins running backs

I kind of cringe whenever I see Jordan Howard selected in drafts. He's an ordinary talent, routinely outplayed by the other backs on the roster everywhere he's been, and he's going to a team that probably won't run the ball well, won't have many leads and will favor a committee. Otherwise, great pick.   more »


Trivia: May 31, 2020

Who two players share the record of scoring a touchdown in 18 consecutive games? answer »


Factoid: 2nd-year QBs

Daniel Jones, Kyler Murray and Gardner Minshew all had some success as rookie quarterbacks. You would reasonably think they should all come back and build on that success. But it’s not that easy.  more »


Around the NFL: 49ers Defense

Story yesterday that San Francisco pass rusher Dee Ford underwent offseason knee surgery. He missed 5 games the second half of last season and wasn't fully healthy in some of the ones he played in. There's a noticeable difference.   more »


Trivia: May 30, 2020

Who is the lowest-drafted quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl? (And to clarify, Kurt Warner wasn’t drafted at all; here we’re looking for a quarterback who was drafted, but was drafted very late.) answer »


Factoid: Damien Williams

I think I like Damien Williams more than most. While Kansas City used a first-round pick on a running back, Williams has been there, he knows the offense, and he’s been productive.  more »


Around the NFL: Ravens running backs

John Harbaugh was asked about Justice Hill, the Oklahoma State running back the Ravens drafted in the fourth round a year ago. Harbaugh said he expects Hill to make a big jump in 2020, calling four running backs "a good problem to have." Maybe for the Ravens, probably not for fantasy teams.   more »


Trivia: May 29, 2020

Which quarterback selected in the first round of the draft has started the most Super Bowls? answer »

Fantasy News: Jonathan Taylor

I’m not as optimistic on most with rookie Jonathan Taylor. He’s a big, fast dude, but I’m just not confident the overall production will be there.  more »


Factoid: Green Bay backfield

Yesterday I was asked about the running back situation in Green Bay. Aaron Jones will start, but the No. 2 could be either second-rounder A.J. Dillon or veteran Jamaal Williams. Both Jones and Williams are in the final year of their rookie contract, so Dillon might be the only one on the roster a year from now.   more »


Trivia: May 28, 2020

CeeDee Lamb will wear #88 for Dallas, joining other great wide receivers from that franchise who have worn that number – Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, Dez Bryant. In that vein, what other team has retired a number in honor of three different players? answer »

Fantasy News: Contract-year RBs

If you like contract-year players, it’s a good year to be picking running backs. There are a bunch of them entering the final years of their contracts.  more »


Andy Richardson: Rookie backups

I don't usually wind up with the top rookie running backs on my roster. People draft them early, usually too early, selecting them as if they're going to be the next LaDainian Tomlinson or Kareem Hunt, even though a lot has to go right for that to happen. I like to take stabs at the later guys.   more »


Fantasy News: Andy Mousalimas: The Interview

Andy Mousalimas, the man most responsible for popularizing fantasy football, passed peacefully in his sleep on May 20. Mousalimas was part of the first fantasy football draft, in 1963...  more »


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