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Around the NFL: LeGarrette Blount

As we noted in the Update, ESPN Patriots reporter Mike Reiss didn't consider LeGarrette Blount a lock for the 53-man roster. Blount is coming off hip surgery and missed all of New England's spring practices. New England has never seemed particularly attached to main running backs like Blount and Stevan Ridley before him.   more »

Trivia: July 26, 2016

What quarterback, a month prior to his final season of college ball, was involved in a car accident that resulted in him having over 2 feet of his small intestine surgically removed? answer »

Fantasy News: Fantasy Index Open

We’re running our Fantasy Index Open competition again this year. This is your opportunity to show that you’re just as smart and clever as the guys who put together football rankings professionally.  more »

Poll: July 25, 2016

Which Miami running back will put the best numbers? (Standard scoring).

Arian Foster (0%)
Jay Ajayi (0%)
Kenyan Drake (0%)
Don't know / not sure (0%)

Around the NFL: Cleveland Browns

It looks like Josh Gordon will be on the field in 2016. The league has crafted a plan that will allow him to return in Week 5 – if he can stay out of trouble.  more »


Fantasy Index Cheat Sheet Update: The Fantasy Index Internet Extra is available now

We've posted our latest rankings, analysis and depth charts to the subscriber area. You may download it if you purchased the SuperFanatic newsletter package, the preseason subscription, or Fantasy Football Index magazine (print or PDF).  more »

Around the NFL: Devontae Booker

The Broncos didn't let C.J. Anderson get away in restricted free agency, and given his contract and the team's quarterback situation, he should be locked in as a featured back in what should be a run-heavy offense. But rookie Devontae Booker should also be a factor.   more »

Trivia: July 25, 2016

In the Super Bowl era, who are the only three players to for over 300 receiving yards in a game? answer »

Factoid: San Francisco 49ers

I see on the ESPN site that there’s another story suggesting Blaine Gabbert will beat out Colin Kaepernick – a better fit in the offense, it seems. It doesn’t surprise me, and I see Gabbert as an intriguing last-round sleeper in fantasy leagues (though to be honest, I’ve been in a few leagues and have yet to actually select him in the last round).   more »


Around the NFL: Jay Ajayi

The Dolphins signed Arian Foster last week, and he and Jay Ajayi will compete for a leading role in the team's backfield. Foster turns 30 next month and has missed a lot of time due to injury in recent seasons, so he's a poor bet to stay healthy. If he does, though, it's hard to see Ajayi outperforming him.   more »


Trivia: July 24, 2016

What player, expected to be the first pick in the 1991 draft, instead signed with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL? answer »


Podcast: Fantasy Index podcast is back on the air for 2016

In the first two episodes for this season (click through for links), Fantasy Index publisher Ian Allan and host Justin Eleff remember former podcast host Mark Nulty and review changes in the running back situations in Miami, Dallas and Houston.   more »

Ian Allan: Stats they are a-changing

Teams are getting ready to open training camps. Soon they’ll be playing their practice games. And as we work through this process in August, it’s important to remember that it’s not 2015 anymore. There will be changes – and real changes, not just incremental shifts.   more »


Factoid: Packers No. 3 wideouts

Davante Adams flopped for Green Bay last season, but it's not over for him yet. He's one of a number of players with a chance to be the team's No. 3 wideout in 2016. It's a position that has at times been a significant one in fantasy leagues.   more »


Trivia: July 23, 2016

Since the merger in 1970, what team has scored the most points against another team? answer »

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