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Factoid: Detroit Lions

When we last saw Darrell Bevell, he was closing out his run (as an offensive coordinator) in Seattle with a pair of subpar years. Pete Carroll didn’t like that they weren’t running the ball often enough or effectively enough, so he fired him (and also canned offensive line coach Tom Cable). Now the Lions are dusting him off and handing him the keys to their offense.   more »

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Around the NFL: Bengals offense

Training camp isn't even upon us yet, and Cincinnati has suffered a significant loss. Top pick Jonah Williams, selected at No. 11 overall, was slated to start at left tackle. But he's now expected to miss the entire season with a torn labrum in his shoulder.   more »

Trivia: June 26, 2019

What quarterback had three of the league’s first five 4,000-yard seasons? answer »


Factoid: Sophomore tight ends

I’m interested in a pair of second-year tight ends. This is a position where players tend to get a lot better in the second and third years. But both are tied to young quarterbacks.  more »


Around the NFL: Amari Cooper

Fun time of year when players talk about their goals for the upcoming season. Sometimes they're reasonable, but you also get some kooky talk. Like Dallas' Amari Cooper yesterday talking about going for 2,000 receiving yards.   more »


Trivia: June 25, 2019

Josh McCown recently retired, ending his career with a record of 23-53-0 as a starter. Who are the only remaining three active quarterbacks who in their career have 20 more losses than wins in games that they have started? answer »

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Factoid: Julio Jones

Julio Jones and the Falcons have been working on a contract extension for most of the offseason. And nobody will suggest he’s not one of the game’s very best wide receives. But Jones has oddly been ineffective around the goal line.   more »


Around the NFL: Tyreek suspension expected next month

It's the last week of June, and not much clarity on what 2019 holds for Tyreek Hill. But a story on the team in The Athletic (subscriber protected) indicates that the team expects Hill to receive a suspension from the NFL "as soon as next month."  more »


Trivia: June 24, 2019

What are the only four jersey numbers that have never been worn by a player in the pro football Hall of Fame? answer »


Factoid: Eagles passing

The Eagles recently signed Carson Wentz to a monster contract extension, the thinking being that he’ll grow into a franchise-type quarterback this year. But Wentz didn’t play at that level in 2018.   more »


Around the NFL: Devonta Freeman

Devonta Freeman looks undervalued. He was the 19th running back selected in a best-ball slow draft I'm participating in right now, and while that's probably about right, I like him a little more than a few backs drafted ahead of him. Atlanta uses two running backs, but Freeman looks like by far the best option.   more »


Trivia: June 23, 2019

What are the only two teams based in cities named after former U.S. presidents? answer »


Scheduletron: Chicago defense

Playing around with some numbers, I stumbled onto another reason to not use an early pick on Chicago’s defense. It projects to play a much harder schedule this year.   more »


Around the NFL: Giants wideouts

The Giants have a variety of names vying for the No. 3 wideout role behind Sterling Shepard and Golden Tate. Former first-round pick Corey Coleman (pictured), former second-round pick Cody Latimer, fifth-round rookie Darius Slayton. But those in typical fantasy leagues can probably just ignore this battle; the No. 3 won't have much value.   more »


Trivia: June 22, 2019

What are the only three NFL teams with mascots inspired by a specific (individual) person? answer »


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