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Factoid: Josh Reynolds

The Rams have missed Cooper Kupp. He was their best receiver early in the season. But it’s not as if Josh Reynolds is just a warm body who can’t play at all. He’s been serviceable while filling in.  more »

Ask the Experts: Who has changed your opinion most this postseason?

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which player, for good or ill, has changed your opinion most of him this postseason?  more »


Trivia: January 17, 2019

Drew Brees has won 13 regular-season games three times with the Saints. He also went 11-4 in 2004 with the Chargers. Who are the only other two active quarterbacks who have won double-digit games in seasons with two different franchises? answer »


Fantasy News: Experts Poll defenses

Paul Charchian of LeagueSafe is the winner of the Defense category of the Fantasy Index Experts Poll, and it was the Chicago Bears who lifted him into the top spot.  more »

Fantasy Index Weekly: Championship Game Rankings

Over the last couple of days, we posted team-by-team looks at the four participants in the conference championship games coming up on Sunday. Now's the time to put all the players together and see how the rankings shake out.   more »

Fantasy Index Weekly: Championship Preview: Kansas City

Kansas City is favored by 3 points, and rightly so. They had the AFC’s best record, and they’re playing at home, where they’re very tough – only the Chargers, with a fourth-quarter comeback from a 14-point deficit, won at Arrowhead this season. Home teams have won every conference championship game since 2012.   more »

Factoid: Phillip Dorsett

Of all the wide receivers playing this weekend, Phillip Dorsett to me looks like the most underrated. When they’ve used him, he’s been surprisingly decent.   more »


Fantasy Index Weekly: Championship Preview: New Orleans

Yesterday we looked at the road teams in the Conference Championship games; today the home teams. First up the New Orleans Saints, who are favored by 3.5. That might not be high enough. Of the four teams playing this weekend, the Saints are by far the most likely to make it to Atlanta.   more »

Trivia: January 16, 2019

What Rams Hall of Famer was the first coach of the New Orleans Saints? answer »

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Around the NFL: Bear market for Hunt?

The Bears are the first team to put their toes in the Kareem Hunt waters. He’s got some off-field baggage that’s still being looking into, of course, but he might be a really good fit with their offense.  more »


Fantasy Index Weekly: Championship Preview: New England Patriots

We're taking a look at the two road teams in the Conference Championship games today. Next up is the New England Patriots, at Kansas City. Unlike the NFC game, which will be played in a dome, weather might be a factor in this one, making the projection trickier.   more »


Fantasy Index Weekly: Championship Preview: L.A. Rams

We published the season's final issue of Fantasy Index Weekly last week. But there are still four teams playing, and fantasy playoff leagues that will require teams to start players in those games. So over the rest of this week, we'll take a look at the final four teams, and their fantasy prospects. First up, the road team in the NFC game, the Los Angeles Rams.   more »


Trivia: January 15, 2019

Remarkably, the Patriots have had a running back score 3 TDs in a playoff game six times in the last seven years – Sony Michel on Sunday, and previously LeGarrette Blount (twice), James White, Dion Lewis and Shane Vereen. Who are the only other two active running backs who have scored 3 TDs in a postseason game? answer »


Viva Murillo!: No Place Like Home

If you watched the games this past weekend, you understand the importance of playing at home. How important is home-field advantage? Teams that have clinched a playoff spot will go all-out in weeks 16 and 17 to earn a home game. And even if they have that secured, they'll keep playing for a bye or home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Guys who could use the rest play hurt. Coaches dig deep to find the right plays. Fans understand the importance of winning. Playing at home is a big deal in the playoffs. Well, unless it's fantasy football. Then, you know, it's no big deal.   more »


Around the NFL: Freddie Kitchens

I like what the Browns are putting together. They’ve got the right quarterback, they’ve got some talent around him, and now it looks like they’re putting together an intriguing coaching staff.  more »


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