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Around the NFL: Keke Coutee

It's the time of year where every player looks great at OTAs and there's a lot of happy talk, so a lot of stories need to be taken with a grain of salt. But the Texans have a talented quarterback and not much proven, healthy targets behind DeAndre Hopkins, so when a youngster gets talked up, it's worth filing away for the future.   more »

Trivia: May 23, 2019

What Texan, irked when the NFL refused him a franchise, was the driving force in forming the AFL? answer »


Around the NFL: Cam Newton

I have interest in Cam Newton. If he’s right physically, I’m pretty confident he’ll be a top-10 quarterback.   more »


Around the NFL: Erik Swoope

The Raiders signed tight end Erik Swoope yesterday. The tight end has bounced around the league a little bit of late, from the Colts to the Saints to the Colts again. Now Oakland, which lost Jared Cook in the offseason. On that roster, there's actually a chance Swoope will finally become a relevant player. Maybe.   more »


Trivia: May 22, 2019

In what city did the Arizona Cardinals play their home games when the NFL began play in 1920? answer »


Trivia: May 21, 2019

What NFL team once played home games at JFK Stadium, Franklin Field, Baker Bowl and Connie Mack Stadium? answer »

Around the NFL: Breshad Perriman

Breshad Perriman was a colossal disappointment in Baltimore, a first-round pick who washed out with just 43 receptions in 27 games across three seasons. But he made some noise late last year with Cleveland, and now looks like an intriguing potential sleeper in Tampa Bay.   more »


Factoid: Third-down backs

What do we make of James White and Tarik Cohen? These players won’t run for a lot of yards, but they’re integral to their team’s passing offenses, making them viable fantasy possibilities.   more »


Andy Richardson: Deep dynasty adds

The waiver wire in my main dynasty league opened this morning, and the one-per-team adds were fast and furious. Thought I'd recap the ones that were added, in case others are mulling current or future pickups in their own dynasty leagues.   more »


Trivia: May 20, 2019

Brandon Marshall, Jamal Anderson, Roy Williams. What do these three players have in common? answer »


Factoid: The #5 receiver

I’m comfortable with my top 4 receivers. But then what? What receiver do you stick in that 5th spot.  more »


Factoid: Offensive line play

When it comes to evaluating offensive lines, quarterback sacks are certainly telling, and from a team perspective, the most significant issue. If the quarterback is getting sacked a lot, the offense is taking a lot of negative plays that take yards and ultimately points off the scoreboard. But they're not the entire story.   more »


Trivia: May 19, 2019

Baker Mayfield threw 27 TD passes last year. What players (more than one) caught the most of those touchdowns? answer »


Fantasy News: Aaron Rodgers

What do we make of Aaron Rodgers? Does he belong in the top tier of quarterbacks? Or has his time passed (at least for now)?  more »


Factoid: Miles Sanders / 2nd-round running backs

It wasn't an exciting class of rookie running backs. Only one, Josh Jacobs, was selected in the top 50 picks. Miles Sanders was the only second-rounder, quite a drop from a year ago (when four were selected in that round). What should be expected from Sanders as a rookie?   more »


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