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Poll: September 22, 2018

Which touchdown celebration was most offensive?

Randy Moss moons Lambeau (0%)
Doug Baldwin craps foootball at Super Bowl (0%)
Marcus Peters grabs crotch at Oakland (0%)
Isaiah Crowell wipes butt with football (0%)

NFL Injury Report: Monday night injuries

The Monday night teams, Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have completed their week of practice and released their final injury report. No major surprises, just confirmation that the Steelers aren't likely to have a couple of starters on their offensive line.   more »


24 Hours 'Til Sunday: Snapshot previews of all the games

Every Saturday morning, I'll take a quick look at all the week's games, offering my own brief take on what I think will happen, as well as touching on significant injury news since our Weekly came out. I'll check in every so often over the course of the day to answer questions, too.  more »


Trivia: September 22, 2018

Saquon Barkley and Christian McCaffrey both caught 14 passes in games last Sunday. Who was the last other running back to catch 14 passes in an NFL football game? answer »

Podcast: September 21 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Ian Allan and Justin Eleff preview Week 3 of the NFL regular season. Sponsored by Fantasy Index Weekly.  more »


Poll: September 21, 2018

Will LeVeon Bell play in a game before November?

Yes (0%)
No (0%)

Mailbag: September 21, 2018

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition: Mulling the swirling values of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston. Can Carson Wentz be immediately used as a fantasy starter? Is Marlon Mack doomed to be locked in a committee? And have we seen the last good ball out of Tyler Eifert? more »


Trivia: September 21, 2018

What are the only two teams in the league that have rosters that include two tight ends that have caught 10-plus touchdown passes in a season? answer »


Around the NFL: Updated offensive line rankings

The Jaguars and Falcons have two of the leagues better offensive lines, but their depth will be tested going forward. Both teams lost a key starter last week, and will take the field in Week 3 breaking in a replacement. We'll soon find out if it's not a big deal, or it's the kind of thing that can hamper their playoff aspirations.   more »

NFL Injury Report: The injury report compiled after Thursday's practices is posted

Daily team-by-team injury reports published by the NFL media office. Click through to download the PDF edition. . . . Week 3 injury report - Thursday edition   more »

Andy Richardson: Fantasy Index Blackout Week 3 Lineup

So far so good. I was 45th last week, and am now 28th overall. Kicking butt and taking names. All this and modest too. Now it's Week 3, and we start to separate the wheat from the thins. I'm looking at two games to load up on players from, Kansas City-San Francisco and Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay.   more »


Factoid: Runners catching passes

More running backs are getting more involved in passing games this year. Not just grabbing a few dumpoff balls – these guys are featured weapons. You send the wide receivers downfield, then let a fast, quick receiver-like running back work against a linebacker underneath. That can be tough to stop.  more »


Podcast: September 20 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Ian Allan and Justin Eleff look back on Week 2 of the regular season and preview tonight's Jets-Browns game. Sponsored by RealTime Fantasy Sports (  more »

Fantasy Index Blackout: Fantasy Index Blackout standings and high scores

We're sending $25 Fantasy Index gift certificates to our Week 1 and Week 2 Fantasy Index Blackout champions: Michael Livengood of Ward, Ark. and Clay Tolonen of Lake Forest, Minn. Both of them put up very impressive scores; both used Alvin Kamara and Tyreek Hill. (Click through to see the winning lineups, overall standings and perfect scores.)

  more »

Ask the Experts: Which slow starter will turn things around?

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which slow starter will turn things around the rest of the way?  more »


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