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Poll: February 26, 2015

How many teams are in your primary fantasy league?

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Around the NFL: Rookie quarterbacks

I see on the Sports Illustrated website that Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht was wondering out loud about the 18 interceptions Jameis Winston threw last year. In the last 20 years, only one quarterback selected in the first round has thrown more picks in his final college season. “Usually you find when a guy throws interceptions in college that doesn’t go away in the pros,” Licht says.   more »

Factoid: Reggie Bush and Theo Riddick

The Lions have released Reggie Bush, an expected move...  more »


Trivia: February 26, 2015

Who is the only man who’s won both a Purple Heart and a Super Bowl ring? answer »

Factoid: Andy Dalton

I saw the story go by last week where Hue Jackson was saying he didn’t do enough to help develop Andy Dalton successful. Dalton threw 33 touchdowns in 2013 but slipped to only 19 last year, with some real clunker games – particularly a Thursday night loss at home against Cleveland.   more »

Factoid: The Vanishing Interception

Quarterbacks and passing games are getting better, and rule changes are more quarterback-friendly all the time...  more »

Trivia: February 25, 2015

Who was the last Super Bowl MVP who wasn’t born in the United States? answer »

Poll: February 24, 2015

Blake Bortles (0%)
Johnny Manziel (0%)
Teddy Bridgewater (0%)
Derek Carr (0%)
Jimmy Garoppolo (0%)

Fantasy News: Second-year quarterbacks

At what point do we stop caring too much about where guys were drafted and instead focus more on what they’re doing on the field? If you wind the clock back a year, the debate was between Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles at quarterback, but in their rookie seasons, Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater were both better than those guys.  more »


Factoid: Defensive and Special Teams Touchdowns

Many fantasy teams wait until the end of the draft to select defenses...  more »

Trivia: February 24, 2015

Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, who is the only player who has intercepted a pass and thrown an interception in the same game? answer »

Factoid: Kelvin Benjamin

From a distance, it seems like Kelvin Benjamin had a good rookie season. He did, in fact, exceed expectations. He caught 9 touchdowns, and some of them were pretty spectacular – using his size to catch high balls. Most memorably, he had 2 TDs in the playoff loss at Seattle (plus another near touchdown where he caught it over Richard Sherman but didn’t get his feet in bounds).  more »

Factoid: Wide receivers and the 40-yard dash

If you watched any of the NFL combine this past weekend, you probably saw some of the 40-yard dashes. Wide receivers were on Saturday, and the standout was West Virginia's Kevin White...  more »


Trivia: February 23, 2015

What future Hall of Famer caught the first pass completion of Brett Favre’s career. answer »


Factoid: Chris Johnson

It’s not easy busting loose for long rushing touchdowns. Most rushing scores come from 1-3 yards of the end zone, it’s rare that you regularly see running backs scoring from long range. But some backs are better than others at scoring touchdowns from longer range.   more »


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