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Trivia: November 26, 2015

Carolina today plays on Thanksgiving for the first time. What is the only franchise that has never played on Thanksgiving? answer »

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Ask the Experts: Which player are you most thankful for?

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which player are you most thankful for?  more »


NFL Injury Report: The injury report compiled after Wednesday's practices is posted

Daily team-by-team injury reports published by the NFL media office. Click through to download the PDF edition. . . . Week 12 injury report - Wednesday edition   more »

Around the NFL: Zach Miller

Zach Miller has been pretty productive as a second tight end the last three weeks. He'll be the No. 1 at the position tomorrow night, since the Bears have ruled out Martellus Bennett.   more »


Factoid: Jay Cutler

The Packers can be thankful for Jay Cutler. They have totally owned him since he showed up in Chicago six years ago.   more »

Fantasy Index Weekly: The Week 12 edition of Fantasy Index Weekly is available

SAN FRANCISCO (vs Arizona): San Francisco won't win this game, but there appears to be some underbelly fantasy value...  more »

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Andy Richardson: Thanksgiving DeAndre

I am 15th overall right now. Had a quiet week, but not so bad that I can't still win this thing. It's Thanksgiving weekend and we have a few extra games early on, so let's get started.   more »


Trivia: November 25, 2015

What two teams have won the most championships in NFL history? answer »


Factoid: Cam Newton

The Panthers are 10-0, with a two-game lead on the rest of the NFC for the top seed in the postseason. Based on Cam Newton's play on the road this year, Carolina definitely doesn't want to have to travel.   more »


Fantasy Index Redrafter: The new Fantasy Index Redrafter Cheat Sheet is available now.

The Redrafter includes season-long rankings, as if your league were to start over from scratch and re-draft all players. Totally overhauled after the Week 11 games were completed, the Redrafter Cheat Sheet is perfect for evaluating season-long moves including trades and free agent pickups.  more »

Fantasy Index Super League: Super League results for Week 11

Congratulations to James Costello of Biddeford, Me. His team, Ingram Toenail, was the top scorer in the Fantasy Index Super League in a week when points were hard to come by...  more »

Trivia: November 24, 2015

What are the only cities that have faced each other in Super Bowls with different teams? That is, these cities had teams play each other in a Super Bowl, then these same cities had two different teams play each other in another title game. answer »

Viva Murillo!: Severe (running) back pain

Sorry about your running back ruining your fantasy season. I don't know you, of course. I'm just playing the odds. And this year, the odds that you've had at least one guy at that position giving you headaches is pretty good.   more »


Scheduletron: Revised strength of schedule

Checking in with the weekly look at Strength of Schedule. I’m doing it a little differently this time. Rather than looking at schedules that are coming up, I’m looking at the 10 games that each team has played. Which teams have played the easiest and hardest schedules so far.   more »

Andy Richardson: A Day of Football

Every week we get these little reminders about getting too sure of yourself. Are the Vikings really better than the Packers now? Is it really time to just kick Mason Crosby to the curb? Is your Daily lineup with Devonta Freeman and Charcandrick West really as good as you think it is? Perhaps your rude awakenings were similar to mine, or maybe they happened to your opponent. Sometimes luck goes the other way.   more »


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