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Trivia: November 15, 2018

What's the only team that will play five of its final seven games at home? answer »

NFL Injury Report: The injury report compiled after Wednesday's practices is posted

Daily team-by-team injury reports published by the NFL media office. Click through to download the PDF edition. . . . Week 11 injury report - Wednesday edition   more »

Factoid: Tight ends lighting it up

It’s been a great year for tight ends. Zach Ertz is on pace to set single-season records for catches and yards at the position, Eric Ebron is making a run at Rob Gronkowski’s touchdown record, and Travis Kelce isn’t far behind.   more »

Andy Richardson: Fantasy Index Blackout Week 11

Tyler Boyd. I thought long and hard about switching him out for that Michael Thomas guy. But not long enough. It's a fine line between winning and losing in this competition. Or it's a big, thick, child-safe magic marker line, between those who picked Thomas, and those of us who didn't.   more »

Fantasy Index Blackout: The Corsair Killers play lights out

Jon Schrempp of Coon Rapids, Minn. strafed the field in Week 10 of the Fantasy Index Blackout competition. Click through to see Jon's winning Week 10 lineup, the perfect score for this week, and the overall standings. And we've added a new feature: We now show the percentage of entries using each player.   more »

Fantasy Index Weekly: The Week 11 edition of Fantasy Index Weekly is available

ATLANTA (vs. Dallas)
Atlanta's offense has been pretty awesome at home, averaging 32 points and scoring 19 TDs in five games -- nearly 4 per week. But all of those games were against suspect defenses (Panthers, Saints, Bengals, Bucs and Giants, all 20th or worse in scoring defense). Dallas is ...  more »

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Trivia: November 14, 2018

Dallas Texans, Cleveland Rams, Chicago Cardinals. What do these three teams have in common? answer »

Scheduletron: Trouble for Andrew Luck?

With a team like Baltimore, you may be wishing they would just go away. Nobody wants to watch that offense. But the scheduling data indicates the Ravens might be surprisingly good over the next month.   more »


Fantasy Index Redrafter: The new Fantasy Index Redrafter Cheat Sheet is available now.

The Redrafter includes season-long rankings, as if your league were to start over from scratch and re-draft all players. Totally overhauled after the Week 10 games were completed, the Redrafter Cheat Sheet is perfect for evaluating season-long moves including trades and free agent pickups.  more »


Podcast: November 13 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Justin Eleff works the waiver wire after Week 10 of the NFL regular season. Sponsored by YouRulz and DraftKings.  more »

Around the NFL: The handcuff's handcuff

In a little over an hour, we'll know for certain whether LeVeon Bell is playing this season or not. If he doesn't show up by 4 p.m. Eastern, he's done for the year. At that point, there will be no threat to the feature back status of James Conner. And fantasy teams can also consider adding Jaylen Samuels.   more »


Trivia: November 13, 2018

What player has caught the most passes in NFL history without ever catching a pass in a playoff game? answer »


Viva Murillo!: Black Friday Fantasy Deals!

Depth is always important to a fantasy team. With a limited number of reserve spots, you want to keep as much talent as possible, while still make room for good players when they become available. In leagues with short benches, you'll have to make some tough decisions (last Saturday I decided to ditch Eric Ebron, because obviously I'm a genius). Now that there are just a handful of games left in the fantasy regular season, you should consider shedding some of that depth and adding some pickups you won't use for a month. They won't help you make the playoffs, but they might help you win them.   more »

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Factoid: Baltimore quarterbacks

It looks like the Ravens might be putting Lamar Jackson in the starting lineup. He doesn’t seem to be NFL material yet as a passer, but he might be the best running quarterback in the league, and that should be getting everyone’s attention.   more »


Poll: November 12, 2018

Which one of these AFC teams is most likely to make the playoffs?

Cincinnati Bengals (5-4) (0%)
Tennessee Titans (5-4) (0%)
Miami Dolphins (5-5) (0%)
Baltimore Ravens (4-5) (0%)
Indianapolis Colts (4-5) (0%)
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