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Mailbag: August 31, 2016

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition. Is it time to jump ship on Andrew Luck and Eli Manning? Can Dez Bryant survive without Romo? Grading the fantasy football TV shows. Late-breaking adjustments on the fantasy draft board. more »


Fantasy News: Minnesota Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater is out for the year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the wheels will fall off Minnesota’s offense. No doubt it hurts; Bridgewater in the preseason look like a quarterback ready to take the next step up in the quarterbacking hierarchy. But purely for stats, there might not be much of a dropoff down to Shaun Hill.   more »


Around the NFL: Shaun Hill

Teddy Bridgewater is out for the year with a major knee injury, and it's obviously terrible news for both him and the Vikings. He's got a lengthy rehab ahead of him, and Minnesota will need to try and repeat as NFC North champs with Shaun Hill in the lineup.   more »


Trivia: August 31, 2016

What quarterback lost the most consecutive games in this century? This player won his first-ever start, in 2001, but then lost 18 consecutive games. His streak finally ended in 2006 (though in that 10-3 win, he completed only 4 of 7 passes as his team relied heavily on its defense and a Wildcat offense). answer »

Fantasy News: Offensive firepower

Sometimes I think it’s useful to set aside the individual players and look at teams – offenses, anyway. Which ones are going to be moving the ball and scoring points? That’s where we’re going to be wanting to do our shopping.  more »


Around the NFL: Cleveland Browns

The Browns released Paul Kruger yesterday, and as if almost completely turning over their starting offense and defense wasn't enough, they decided they'd trade away their starting punter, too. Starting kicker from a year ago? Cut. And that was just yesterday.   more »


Trivia: August 30, 2016

What quarterback holds the record for starting in the most consecutive losses (with 21 straight from 1972 to 1974)? answer »


Podcast: August 29 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Justin Eleff talks about the most hyped fantasy position of 2016 -- wide receiver -- and how to use the hype to your advantage.  more »


Ian Allan: Division winners

With 48 games behind us, we’ve seen all of the teams a few times. We’re starting to get a feel for which teams are going to be good, and which ones are going to struggle. (That’s the theory, anyway; who would have thought back in 2008, when the Lions were undefeated in the preseason, that they wouldn’t win any regular season games?)   more »


Andy Richardson: Six Fantasy Draft Tips

The third week of preseason games is complete, so it's what I like to call Draft Week. I've got three in the next seven days -- four if the rest of the league can get its act together -- and I'm writing this not only as a reminder to others, but also myself. Every year has fantasy lessons. Now is a great time to remember them.   more »


Trivia: August 29, 2016

Looking for the name of a quarterback who started games for three different teams in the same division. He was drafted in 1990 and played six seasons with that team, with a Super Bowl start. In 1998, he started 11 games for a different team in this division. And he picked up 8 more starts with another franchise in this division (a team that moved out of the division in the 2002 re-alignment). answer »


Fantasy Index Cheat Sheet Update: The newest Fantasy Index Cheat Sheet is available now

Get our latest rankings, analysis, projections, depth charts, and defensive player information...  more »


Poll: August 28, 2016

Which last-place team is most likely to win its division?

Miami Dolphins (0%)
Cleveland Browns (0%)
Tennessee Titans (0%)
San Diego Chargers (0%)
Dallas Cowboys (0%)
Chicago Bears (0%)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0%)
San Francisco 49ers (0%)

Around the NFL: Lay of the land

As we’re walking into our drafts, we need to keep in mind the big-picture reality that many of these teams will be radically different this year. That is, at least a few of the teams that were really good last year will have lousy years, and at least a few of the seemingly crappy teams will be big surprises.   more »


Around the NFL: Andrew Luck

The Colts gave Andrew Luck a huge contract in the offseason, and they've used a lot of recent draft picks to try and upgrade the offensive line and protect him. So far, though, it doesn't look like they've succeeded.   more »


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