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Podcast: April 23 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Aaron Bland and Justin Eleff preview the NFL Draft. Tiny quarterbacks, Ole Miss wide receivers, Day 3 tight ends, oh boy.  more »

Around the NFL: T.J. Hockenson

Only five times in the past 30 years has a tight end been selected with a top-10 pick. But I’m pretty sure we’re going to see another one on Thursday night. Everybody seems to be excited about T.J. Hockenson, and all of the teams that really could use a tight end are sitting at the bottom of the top 10 in the draft order.  more »


Factoid: Darrell Henderson

Memphis back Darrell Henderson should be one of the first running backs drafted later this week, most likely before the end of Day 2. His 1,909 rushing yards last year were more than any college back but Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor (who will return for his junior season). He did it while averaging 8.9 yards per carry, tops in college football.   more »


Trivia: April 23, 2019

What two tight ends have caught touchdowns for three different teams in the last three years? Both of these tight ends have signed with new teams for 2019, with the potential to extend their streaks to four years. The six teams they have played for so far are located in six different divisions. answer »


Factoid: Browns on the rise

The work Freddie Kitchens did last year with the Browns was remarkable. He was the clear Offensive Coordinator of the Year, in my opinion, even though he was in that post for only half the season.   more »

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Factoid: First quarterback the best quarterback?

Assuming Kyler Murray is indeed the first quarterback drafted on Thursday, what are the odds he'll be the best quarterback to come out of the draft? How about if he's No. 1 overall? I took a look at the last 20 years to find out the answer.   more »


Trivia: April 22, 2019

For experts only. What was the last year that only 25 players were selected in the first round of the draft? answer »

Factoid: Running wild

Working through player and team write-ups in recent weeks, I notice that there have been more successful running backs. There are a lot more guys averaging over 5 yards per carry or at least in the high 4 range. Fewer players, meanwhile, have been mired down the 3-yards-per-attempt territory.   more »


Around the NFL: BountyGate 2?

The Jets hired Gregg Williams as their new defensive coordinator, which in terms of his background is both promising and controversial. Williams had previously worked in Cleveland, whose defense had some surprising fantasy value last season. But he's probably best known for his work with the Saints, and the BountyGate controversy.   more »


Trivia: April 21, 2019

What team last year completed passes to 13 different players when it was inside the 10-yard line? answer »

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Scheduletron: Patriots schedules

Have the Patriots tended to benefit from playing the league’s easiest schedules year in and year out? That’s not what the numbers suggest.  more »


Andy Richardson: Second quarterback drafted

By virtually every account, Kyler Murray will be the first quarterback drafted next week, most likely at No. 1 overall to the Arizona Cardinals. After that, it's anyone's guess as to who the next quarterback taken will be. Daniel Jones (pictured), Dwayne Haskins and Drew Lock are all possibilities.   more »


Trivia: April 20, 2019

With it being 420 Day, it seems appropriate to turn the focus on marijuana. Over the last 10 years, which team has had 15 different players suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policies – 3 more than any other franchise? answer »

Factoid: Passing Packers

The Packers offense will have some new wrinkles. Matt LaFleur is taking over, and he’ll have some of his own ideas he’ll want to implement.   more »


Andy Richardson: Tips and tidbits from the NFL schedule

I've had a chance to review the NFL schedule. I like to look for certain things to file away for this year's fantasy drafts. It's not about which team has an easy or tough schedule, one because we've known the opponents for months, two because we don't know which teams will actually be good or bad. It's more about things I'd like to avoid or embrace, for various reasons, come draft time. For example:  more »


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