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Andy Richardson: Players get hurt

Remember when the Buffalo Bills had so many running backs there was no way any of their depth guys would have fantasy value? And when the Ravens had so many different potential ballcarriers there was no point drafting any of them? It wasn't so long ago.   more »

Trivia: July 29, 2016

What are the only three NFL teams that have won Super Bowls with three different starting quarterbacks? answer »

Viva Murillo!: No Suspended Sleepers

Like I've mentioned several times, I think it's a bit early to do too much player research. But with drafts and auctions coming up, we can't help but think about maximizing the selections we'll have. That includes getting extra value out of your picks and maybe a little luck as some players fall to you. And with some major players on suspension, there looks to be golden opportunities to catch a break. Sorry to burst your bubble, but forget it. There probably won't be any major discounts on suspended players.   more »

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Podcast: July 28 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Host Justin Eleff calls it a comeback -- for Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson in Green Bay, Kelvin Benjamin in Carolina and Andrew Luck in Indianapolis.  more »

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Mailbag: July 28, 2016

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition. Will a lousy supporting cast doom Todd Gurley? Why is The Index so high on the sputtering Colts? Eli Manning: the league's most overrated quarterback. And how much difference is there between Carlos Hyde and DeMarco Murray? more »


Ask the Experts: Which veteran with a new team interests you most?

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which veteran on a new team are you most interested in watching this preseason?  more »


Trivia: July 28, 2016

What Florida State defensive coordinator, after watching a practice and individual workout, declined to offer Walter Payton a scholarship, telling his high school coach that the Seminoles already had six running backs who were better? answer »

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Around the NFL: New York Jets

Game on. Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets have finally ended their stalemate. He’s agreed to a one-year deal worth $12 million plus incentives, and that puts New York back in play for serviceable passing numbers.   more »


Poll: July 27, 2016

In a standard scoring league for 2016, which Cleveland receiver would you select first?

Josh Gordon (0%)
Corey Coleman (0%)

Around the NFL: New York Jets

Jets are releasing Zac Stacy after a failed physical. He’s not fully recovered from a broken ankle last year. And now it looks like he’s going from rookie surprise to right out of the league, which is surprising.  more »


Andy Richardson: Mr. October?

Tom Brady, LeVeon Bell, Josh Gordon. None of these players will play in the month of September. Tyler Eifert? He's iffy, too. Three of the four will definitely be useless roster drains the first four weeks of the season, due to suspensions.   more »


Trivia: July 27, 2016

In the Super Bowl era, what four players drafted No. 1 overall never played for the team that selected them? answer »

Podcast: July 26 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Host Justin Eleff talks himself into and out of drafting five top running backs: LeVeon Bell, Todd Gurley, Adrian Peterson, David Johnson and Ezekiel Elliott.  more »

Around the NFL: Detroit Lions

I see that Anquan Boldin is signing with the Lions. On the one hand, Boldin is an old guy without any speed – seemingly right at the end of the road. But at the same time, his game has always been more about smarts and using his body, and he’s continued to be pretty productive.  more »


Around the NFL: Anquan Boldin

Anquan Boldin has been thrown to the Lions, which is good news for some players, bad for others. As for Boldin himself, it at least gives him a home for 2016, but doesn't necessarily make him a player worth using a draft pick on.   more »

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