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Fantasy News: Fanex Drafts

The final Fanex drafts of the summer are underway. A couple of surprises at the top, I thought, and we can see the difference in value in LeVeon Bell, now that his suspension has been shortened to two games. I also made a mess of my first two picks.  more »


Factoid: Top-10 Run Defenses

The Patriots and 49ers have lost a lot of defensive personnel over the last year or two. In San Francisco's case it's been a steady erosion of injuries, free agent losses, and retirements, while New England comes off a rough offseason. These defenses probably won't be as tough as they once were.   more »

Factoid: New England Patriots

I’m not crazy about the Patriots this year. They lost a lot of key players (Vince Wilfork and the two starting corners), the offensive line isn’t as good as it’s been in the past, and the offseason was one gigantic distraction. They just don’t look like a Super Bowl team to me.   more »


Andy Richardson: To handcuff or not to handcuff

There's been some discussion here recently about handcuffs, whether they're worth it or not. It's been on my mind recently as well, in part due to a couple of recent situations in my two dynasty leagues: acquisitions I made, and ones I didn't.   more »


Trivia: August 3, 2015

Junior Seau will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday. Not counting old-timers on the seniors ballot, who are the only other two enshrinees in this century who've been inducted after they've died? answer »

Factoid: Amari Cooper

We tend to get sucked into the hype. Todd Gurley, Amari Cooper, Maxx Williams and Jameis Winston were the first players selected at their positions, so the natural tendency is to assume they’re better than the other guys. This is natural enough. NFL teams spend a lot of time and money looking into these guys. But how often do they get it right?   more »

Factoid: The Vanishing Interception

Quarterbacks and passing games are getting better, and rule changes are more quarterback-friendly all the time. Whichever you choose to give more credit to, teams are putting up better passing numbers than ever before. Accordingly, defenses aren't having as much success against those passing games, not only in terms of yards allowed, but also in terms of interceptions.   more »

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Trivia: August 2, 2015

Who are the only two coaches (both no longer active) who won over 170 career games but had losing records in the playoffs? answer »

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Factoid: Ameer Abdullah

Ameer Abdullah is getting some love. He’s speedy and quick, and he busted a lot of long runs at Nebraska. And Joique Bell is banged up after offseason surgeries on his knee and Achilles. Could this second-rounder be the surprise rookie?   more »

Factoid: Bishop Sankey

Bishop Sankey had a pretty unimpressive rookie season. The starting job was basically there for the taking -- he only had to beat out Shonn Greene -- but it was midseason before he got more than 10 carries in a game. And he didn't do a whole lot with those carries.   more »

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Trivia: August 1, 2015

What are the only three teams that in Super Bowls have been designated the home team and chosen to wear white uniforms? answer »

Podcast: NFC South Preview

Maybe the most QB rich division - but not necessarily led by the player you'd expect.  more »

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Fantasy News: Fantasy Index Open

The Fantasy Index Open competition is back – your chance to show that you’re the most knowledgeable prognosticator in all the land. This is the contest where you submit a top 20 at each position. At the end of the season, we grade all of the selections and crown a champion.   more »

Mailbag: July 31, 2015

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition. If Tom Brady is missing four games, how do we calculate his fantasy value? Why handcuff running backs are worth more than they're actually worth. Doubling up on sacks with defenses. And the sneaky value of Brandon LaFell. more »


Around the NFL: Jaguars receivers

The Jaguars had a lesser passing offense a year ago, not to mention a young one. Rookie quarterback, and a trio of rookie wide receivers behind Cecil Shorts III. Those second-year players will now need to step up for the team to make an impact in fantasy leagues.   more »


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