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Around the NFL: Free agent blockers

How did we get to the point where Andrew Norwell is the highest-paid guard in the league? Four years ago, no NFL team was willing to even draft him.  more »

Around the NFL: Miami Unsound Machine

Sometimes you need to take a step back when looking at offseason moves. From a distance, it's easier to see intent, and the plan the front office is putting together, as with a complex puzzle. And then there's the Miami Dolphins. I'm not really sure what they're doing.   more »


Trivia: March 21, 2018

What team has gone the longest without selecting a running back in the first round? answer »

Factoid: Mitchell Trubisky

Is there any hope for Mitchell Trubisky? They’ve added some new weapons, but he was pretty stinky as a rookie.  more »


Around the NFL: Eric Ebron to Colts

Sometimes it's like these guys just don't care about fantasy teams at all. Eric Ebron was by far the most intriguing free agent tight end out there, a still-young pass catcher who could go somewhere and put up starting-caliber production. So naturally he signs on with a team that already has a quality starter, damaging the appeal of both players.   more »


Trivia: March 20, 2018

Who’s the only tight end who had 3 receptions of 40-plus yards last year? This isn’t a player most anyone would guess. All three of his long catches came in the final seven weeks of the season, and another tight end on his own team finished the year with over twice as many catches. answer »

Factoid: Jerick McKinnon, Part II

I posted something last week kind of knocking Jerick McKinnon. He looks way overpaid, particularly for a guy who never really put up big numbers with his opportunities in Minnesota. Unimpressive yards per carry, and a noticeable lack of big plays for the Vikings.   more »


Factoid: Underrated Rishard Matthews

If you want to try look under the radar, I kind of like Rishard Matthews. Every year he tends to be lightly regarded as a former seventh-round pick, and every year he effectively does his job.   more »

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Factoid: Cordarrelle Patterson / kick returns

The NFL has legislated away kickoff return touchdowns to a striking degree. There have been just 34 total in the last five seasons; no more than 7 in any of those years. There were 23 in 2010 alone; that's how great a drop there's been. Not coincidentally, kickoffs were moved from the 30-yard-line to the 35 in March 2011.   more »

Trivia: March 19, 2018

Joe Thomas retired last week, ending his career with 167 games without ever appearing in the postseason. What player holds the all-time record in this category, going 219 games without ever getting a shot at the playoffs? This player finished his career with over 1,000 tackles and spent multiple seasons with four different teams -- Bengals, Bills, 49ers and Chargers. answer »


Factoid: Dion Lewis / receiving

I like the Dion Lewis signing. He’s a good back, and they got him at a nice price -- $20 million for four years, with $11.5 million guaranteed.  more »

Trivia: March 18, 2018

What team has attempted the most passes over the last two years? This team in its last 32 games has averaged 39 passes per game. That’s over a pass per game more than all but one other team. answer »

Around the NFL: Jerick McKinnon

San Francisco has brought in Jerick McKinnon as its lead back, and there's a lot of optimism about him. The team doesn't have any other proven backs (second-year guys Matt Breida and Joe Williams), and head coach Kyle Shanahan has the great history with Devonta Freeman in Atlanta. McKinnon, one theory goes, will be Shanahan's new Freeman.   more »


Factoid: Catching takeaways with Honey

The Cardinals released Tyrann Mathieu the other day, after being unable to work out a paycut that would have retained him at a lower salary. The Honey Badger didn't take long to find work, signing with the Houston Texans. Looks like a really nice fit with a defense that needs him.   more »

Around the NFL: Ravens catch Crabtree

Ravens sign Michael Crabtree to a three-year deal valued at $21 million, with $11 million guaranteed, and I don’t like the fit at all. We’re talking about a quarterback lacking confidence and accuracy trying to throw to a wide receiver who can’t separate anymore.  more »

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