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Factoid: San Francisco passing game

Kyle Shanahan is a different kind of coach. His quarterbacks tend to put up a lot of yards, yet they have a tendency to fall short in the red zone.  more »

Around the NFL: Sony Michel

Just before the NFL Draft in many years, reports will come out about such and such talented player slipping due to medical concerns. Sometimes the reports are likely true, and sometimes they might be circulated by unscrupulous agents or teams in order to get their guy drafted higher (or the slipping player available later). There's one out about Georgia running back Sony Michel.   more »


Trivia: April 24, 2018

What team has used nine straight first-round picks on defensive players? answer »

Factoid: Goal-line Jimmy Graham

I’m not a big Jimmy Graham fan. He drops too many passes, and I didn’t think he was a difference maker with the Seahawks. But they’re going to have to play a lot differently around the end zone now that he’s not around.  more »


Factoid: First-round quarterbacks

Over the weekend, Jets coach Todd Bowles said he wouldn't hesitate to start a rookie quarterback, even though the team already has Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater. "At the end of training camp, if you’re a rookie and you are where we need you to be, you play," said Bowles. Few teams actually say this, but that's generally how it's played out in recent years.   more »


Trivia: April 23, 2018

There’s been some speculation about the Browns not only selecting a quarterback in the first round but also picking another quarterback later in the draft. In the last 30 years, who are the two most notable quarterbacks who were selected after their teams had already drafted other quarterbacks? Both, oddly, were selected by the same franchise. Both started in the playoffs, and both played in the Pro Bowl. answer »


Around the NFL: Raiders pick up Cooper's option

I see that the Raiders are picking up the fifth-year option on Amari Cooper. Not a huge surprise, but he was pretty mediocre last year, triggering the discussion.  more »


Factoid: The Eagles Defense

Fantasy defenses are a quirky study, with plenty of surprises for good or ill each season. Last year saw the Saints come out of nowhere to achieve top 10 status, while the Vikings fell just as quickly (despite being one of the league's best in NFL terms; yards and points allowed). The Eagles, though, are remarkable for their big-play consistency.   more »

Trivia: April 22, 2018

Who took most of the snaps at quarterback for the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1976? answer »


Factoid: Norv Turner

The Panthers are handing over their offense to Norv Turner. They fired Mike Shula (which I had no problem with) but I wonder if Turner’s still a capable coordinator? He’s 65, and it’s possible his approach has gotten stale as the game has evolved.   more »


Andy Richardson: Thirty-two thoughts from the 2018 schedule (Part II)

The NFL released its schedule Thursday night. They're trying hard to make it a big thing, which would be easier, I think, if they didn't do it so close to the NFL Draft. In any case, I offered up tidbits on the first 16 teams yesterday, here are brief thoughts on the remaining 16.   more »

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Trivia: April 21, 2018

What was the only team last year that put two wide receivers over 1,000 yards? answer »


Around the NFL: Baltimore inks Snead

Willie Snead is probably headed to Baltimore. He’s signed a two-year deal worth up to $10.4 million that the Saints have five days to match.  more »


Andy Richardson: Thirty-two thoughts from the 2018 schedule (Part I)

The NFL released its schedule with much fanfare last night. We've known who everyone was going to play and where for months, but now we have the when. Not content to throw you out a dozen or so tidbits this year, I shall give you 32 -- one thought on each NFL team's schedule. First 16 teams follow; final 16 tomorrow morning.   more »

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Trivia: April 20, 2018

With it being “420 Day”, who are the only five players who in this century have put together 1,000-yard seasons and also have been suspended for entire seasons for violating the league’s substance abuse policy? Looking for three running backs and two wide receivers. The more difficult wide receiver was formerly a top-10 draft pick. One of the running backs ran for over 1,000 yards as an undrafted rookie. Another spent one year on the same college team as Peyton Manning. answer »


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