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Trivia: April 5, 2020

Russell Wilson has been sacked at least 40 times seven years in a row. Who is the only other quarterback in league history who has had seven seasons with 40 sacks. answer »

Factoid: Nick Chubb

I like Nick Chubb. He’s a big power back who’s come up with some monster games in his first two seasons. But I don’t think the Browns have been able to maximize his talent yet. There’s more meat left on the bone, as they say.  more »


Around the NFL: Two QBs enter, no QBs leave?

Virtual press conference are going on across the league, welcoming new players to teams via Skype and whatnot. The Bears had one yesterday for new quarterback Nick Foles. He'll be given every shot to unseat Mitchell Trubisky as the starter. It looks like a pretty low ceiling regardless.   more »


Trivia: April 4, 2020

Atlanta attempted a league-high 684 passes last year. What team attempted the 2nd-most passes? Hint: The question wouldn’t be asked if the answer wasn’t at least somewhat surprising. answer »


Factoid: Running quarterbacks

Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen are up-and-coming quarterbacks. At least for now, it’s what they do as runners that really makes them special.  more »


Around the NFL: Sammy Watkins

There was some discussion here recently as to whether and when Kansas City would part ways with Sammy Watkins. They're tight against the cap, and he was set to make a big salary. In fact, they're bringing him back, signing him to a one-year restructured deal. Looks like he'll be their No. 2 wideout.   more »


Trivia: April 3, 2020

Kirk Cousins is the only quarterback who has fumbled at least 9 times in each of the last five years. Since the merger in 1970, who are the only quarterbacks who have had six consecutive such seasons? One is a Hall of Fame player. The other instead of his first name uses a nickname. They are both current NFL talking heads. answer »

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Factoid: Jared Cook

Jared Cook sure did a nice job of getting downfield for chunk plays last year. He caught 9 TDs, and over half of them came from outside the red zone. He ended up averaging 16.4 yards per catch, which is a figure that even Rob Gronkowski never reached in his career.  more »


Factoid: Is Tua really No. 2?

Joe Burrow had a record-setting season for Louisiana State, winning the Heisman and the National Championship. He's widely expected to be the top pick in the NFL Draft, with a report yesterday that the Dolphins may be hoping to trade up. But a Plan B of Tua Tagovailoa looks pretty good too.   more »


Trivia: April 2, 2020

Andrew Luck and John Elway both played at Stanford, and both were chosen No. 1 overall. Who are the only two pairs of active quarterbacks who both played at the same college and also were chosen with the same exact pick in the first round? Both are current, rostered players. They could have been picked anywhere in the first round (both, for example, could potentially have been the 17th pick). answer »

Ian Allan: Can't-miss running backs

Let me try this again. I had an article posted comparing Christian McCaffrey to Ezekiel Elliott to great running backs of the past, and I accidentally deleted most of it when trying to make some edits.   more »


Factoid: Short-yardage rushing

In yesterday's discussion/debate on Melvin Gordon, one of the things brought up was that in today's pass-focused NFL, it's not the running backs busting the big gains that are as important as the ones punching out the tough yard in crucial situations to move the chains. Which backs are best in those situations?  more »


Trivia: April 1, 2020

Jameis Winston last year had 7 interceptions returned for touchdowns. According to the Pro Football Reference website, that’s the most ever. Since the merger in 1970, who is the only other quarterback with 6 such interceptions in a season? answer »


Factoid: Bucs tight ends

Tom Brady likes throwing to tight ends, and he’s got an interesting pair in Tampa Bay. O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate are both good, and they’re also really different.   more »


Andy Richardson: Broncos running backs

We keep a lot of different files, used to pull out different factoids about different players and position groupings. So when I see a news item about a particular player, I go hunting through the files to see if there's a particular stat or trend involving him that's interesting.   more »


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