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Trivia: February 12, 2019

Who is the only wide receiver who at one point during the 2018 season was on the field for all of his team's offensive plays six games in a row? (No other wide receiver put together a streak of three such games.) answer »


Around the NFL: Browns sign Kareem Hunt

A reminder that there's no offseason comes with a fairly significant fantasy story just a week after the conclusion of the NFL season. The Cleveland Browns signed Kareem Hunt today, adding 2017's leading rusher to what seems to be one of the league's up-and-coming teams. So what does this mean?   more »


Around the NFL: Bye-bye baseball

Here comes Kyler Murray. He says he’s fully committed to being a quarterback, and I think that will translate into him being a top-5 pick in the draft.  more »


Andy Richardson: Ten deep dynasty adds

The waiver wire in my main dynasty league is locked; players won't be available until after our rookie draft, which takes place a week after the actual NFL Draft. So I can't actually sign anyone now, and I suspect most leagues are the same. But browsing is encouraged.   more »


Trivia: February 11, 2019

What are the only three teams that twice in this century have had head coaches whose fathers were also formerly NFL head coaches? answer »

Factoid: Extra points

The NFL moved extra points back by 13 yards back in 2015, and I really like the change. Previously, PATs were almost meaningless; only a few would be missed all year. Now the success rate tends to hover around 94 percent, with key misses showing up from time to time.   more »


Andy Richardson: Post-Super Bowl football

The Super Bowl has come and gone, which usually means we don't get football until the NFL Draft approaches. But now the Alliance of American Football League is here, an 8-team startup that views itself not as a competitor for the NFL but as a developmental league. Well...we'll see.   more »


Trivia: February 10, 2019

The New York Giants popularized the Gatorade bath during their Super Bowl run during the 1986 season, dousing Bill Parcells after each win. But what NFL coach, in the 1984 season, was the first to be showered with Gatorade after a game? answer »

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Factoid: Aaron Rodgers

What do we make of Aaron Rodgers for 2019? Should he be one of the first two quarterbacks chosen in fantasy drafts? The price tag will be lower than it has been in recent years.  more »


Around the NFL: BountyGate 2?

The Jets hired Gregg Williams as their new defensive coordinator recently, which in terms of his background is both promising and controversial. Williams had previously worked in Cleveland, whose defense had some surprising fantasy value last season. But he's probably best known for his work with the Saints, and the BountyGate controversy.   more »

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Trivia: February 9, 2019

What four Heisman Trophy winners have also been named MVP in Super Bowl games? answer »


Factoid: Philip Rivers

During the 2018 season, I got more complaints about Philip Rivers than any other player. Consistently, people thought I had him ranked too low. And on the surface, that was understandable, with Rivers having thrown multiple touchdown passes in his first 12 games – there was even some buzz that he should be considered a candidate to be the league’s Most Valuable Player.   more »


Around the NFL: Bengals Defense

The Bengals have been rounding out their new coaching staff under former Rams assistant Zac Taylor, with the important position of defensive coordinator proving especially difficult. Maybe the challenge of turning around the league's worst defense a year ago is just too daunting for some coaching prospects.   more »

Trivia: February 8, 2019

Which offense in 2018 had three different wide receivers throw touchdown passes? answer »


Factoid: Jimmy Garoppolo

I’m not giving up on Jimmy Garoppolo. He missed most of last year with a knee injury, but he still looks to me like a quarterback who’s very much in the mix for top-15 numbers.   more »


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