I haven’t yet looked at the matchups in close detail, but I’m confident I won’t have Ben Roethlisberger ranked in the top half of the quarterbacks. He’ll definitely be ranked behind at least three of the NFC starters (probably all four), and he’ll definitely be ranked behind Tom Brady. As great as Roethlisberger looks at times, he tends to fall way too short far too often when on the road.

I’m not talking about a couple of games or even a couple of months. I’m talking about dozens of games over many years.

Roethlisberger has thrown only 36 TD passes in his last 30 games on the road. He’s thrown multiple touchdown passes in only 30 percent of those games (nine of those 30).

It’s at home where Roethlisberger tends to be a difference maker. He’s thrown 76 touchdowns in his last 30 games at Heinz Field – over twice as many. He’s also averaged 312 passing yards in those games, 43 more than he’s averaged on the road.

The Steelers have gone 22-8 in their last 30 at Heinz Field. They are just 17-13 in their last 30 on the road.

I believe Pittsburgh is better than Kansas City. On a neutral field, I think they win this weekend. But with the game being at Arrowhead, I see it as more of a toss-up type situation.

Hard to explain how or why such a good quarterback turns so ordinary on the road, but that’s the way it’s played out.

2013NYJW 19-677%26410
2013Oak.L 18-2164%27512
2013N.E.L 31-5558%40042
2013Clev.W 27-1165%21720
2013Balt.L 20-2264%25720
2013G.B.W 38-3157%16721
2014Balt.L 6-2659%21701
2014Car.W 37-1973%19620
2014Jac.W 17-972%27310
2014Clev.L 10-3150%22811
2014NYJL 13-2070%34312
2014Tenn.W 27-2466%20711
2014Cin.W 42-2164%35030
2014Atl.W 27-2077%36000
2015N.E.L 21-2868%35111
2015St.L.W 12-683%19201
2015Sea.L 30-3965%45612
2015Cin.W 33-2077%28201
2015Balt.L 17-2071%22002
2015Clev.W 28-1267%34932
2015Den.L 16-2365%33900
2015Cin.W 18-1658%22910
2016Wash.W 38-1673%30031
2016Phil.L 3-3455%25701
2016Mia.L 15-3056%18912
2016Balt.L 14-2151%26411
2016Clev.W 24-964%16700
2016Ind.W 28-770%22130
2016Buff.W 27-2055%22003
2016Cin.W 24-2058%28610
2013Tenn.L 9-1664%19111
2013Chi.L 23-4063%40622
2013Balt.W 19-1674%16010
2013Buff.W 23-1060%20411
2013Det.W 37-2764%36740
2013Mia.L 28-3459%34930
2013Cin.W 30-2080%19111
2013Clev.W 20-761%17912
2014Clev.W 30-2768%36511
2014T.B.L 24-2773%31430
2014Hou.W 30-2370%26520
2014Ind.W 51-3482%52260
2014Balt.W 43-2368%34060
2014N.O.L 32-3555%43522
2014K.C.W 20-1272%22010
2014Cin.W 27-1763%31721
2014Balt.L 17-3069%33412
2015S.F.W 43-1878%36930
2015Cin.L 10-1662%26213
2015Oak.W 38-3555%33421
2015Clev.W 30-967%37931
2015Ind.W 45-1062%36440
2015Den.W 34-2773%38032
2016Cin.W 24-1651%25932
2016K.C.W 43-1481%30050
2016NYJW 31-1372%38040
2016Dall.L 30-3580%40830
2016NYGW 24-1467%28921
2016Balt.W 31-2773%27932
2016Mia.W 30-1272%19722

—Ian Allan