If it seems defensive scoring -- fantasy defense scoring, that is -- is up, you're right. It's primarily because sacks are up across the league, with pass rushers having the early edge over NFL offenses.

In Week 1, the Jaguars sacked Texans quarterbacks 10 times, and the Steelers sacked DeShone Kizer 7 times. Those are kind of outlier games, but there have been a lot of big sack numbers being turned in so far.

NFL teams tend to average around 35-37 sacks per season. Last 10 years: 35, 33, 35, 35, 37, 37, 40, 38, 37 and 35.

Thus far -- and yes, it's early -- teams are on pace to average 42 sacks each. More than half of the league's teams (17) are on pace to finish over 40, and a quarter of them (8) are on pace for over 50. Last year only 7 NFL teams reached 40 sacks; none made it up to 50. (Statistics do not include last night's 49ers-Rams game.)

Team ActualProj
Jacksonville Jaguars 1188
Pittsburgh Steelers 972
Kansas City 972
Philadelphia Eagles 864
Baltimore Ravens 864
Carolina Panthers 756
Buffalo Bills 756
Atlanta Falcons 756
Los Angeles Rams 648
Green Bay Packers 648
Seattle Seahawks 648
Los Angeles Chargers 648
Detroit Lions 648
Dallas Cowboys 540
Oakland Raiders 540
Arizona Cardinals 540
Indianapolis Colts 540
Cincinnati Bengals 432
New York Giants 432
Tennessee Titans 432
Chicago Bears 432
Washington 432
New England Patriots 432
Houston Texans 324
San Francisco 49ers 324
Denver Broncos 324
Cleveland Browns 324
Minnesota Vikings 324
New Orleans Saints 324
New York Jets 216
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 116
Miami Dolphins 116

We can be fairly confident that Jacksonville will not reach 88 sacks; eight teams won't actually finish over 50. But for now, worthwhile to tap into those productive pass rushes in weekly lineups whenever possible.

--Andy Richardson