ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Who is fantasy's 2017 comeback player of the year?


This shouldn’t be close. The Comeback Player of the Year is clearly DeAndre Hopkins. He blew up in 2015 for 111-1521-11 and then flopped in 2016 when he only managed 78-954-4 in a season he was healthy. He only managed two 100-yard games and 11 weeks were under 60 yards. This year he zoomed back to a 96-1378-13 stat line even missing one game. What happened in 2016 may never be understood and hopefully never again repeated.

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It is a tie for comeback player of the year, Todd Gurley or Keenan Allen. Gurley almost doubled his yards from scrimmage and tripled his TDs (19 up from 6 in 2016). A lot of that is due to the revamped offensive line and better play from 2nd-year quarterback Jared Goff, but a comeback is a comeback. On the other hand Allen's comeback is due primarily to his staying healthy for a change. The talent with Allen has never been in doubt. He just has not been on the field long enough to showcase it. Honorable mention goes to DeAndre Hopkins if we are picking a wide receiver who played a full season last year and stunk it up and then came back this year. Again like Gurley much of 2016 can be blamed on quarterback play.

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Todd Gurley. Who would have thought a sluggish tailback in 2016 would produce nearly 2,100 total yards and 19 scores after tallying only 6 TDs in 2016. Simply incredible!

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Perhaps it’s a little gratuitous to use the word “comeback” with Dion Lewis, given that he’d never played anything close to a full season before 2017. But he was coming back from several injuries, so I’ll pass this one through. Lewis was the No. 8 back in fantasy over the final 11 weeks of the year, collecting double-digit touches in every game, scoring nine times, and averaging just under five yards a carry. Forget all that silly stuff about New England’s backfields being frustrating to trust for fantasy owners; LeGarrette Blount was a stud last year (18 touchdowns), and this year it was Lewis’s turn. It doesn’t mean the Pats will give us a home run every year, but Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels like talented and reliable players just as much as anyone else.

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I would have to give a joint award to Todd Gurley and DeAndre Hopkins. It just goes to show you that elite talent that falls in your draft means it’s on sale at a discount. Both Gurley and Hopkins were likely 1st-round picks in most drafts in 2016, but busted, both dropped this year as a result and were absolutely elite this season. Some savvy and/or fortuitous fantasy GMs may have landed Gurley/Hopkins on the 2.12/3.01 turn. Gurley arose from the Jeff Fisher abyss to go from 6 TDs in 2016 to 19 this year, while Hopkins went from 4 TDs to 13. If I had to pick just one it would be Hopkins. Gurley will be a top 3 pick next year no doubt, while Hopkins very well may be the No. 1 wide receiver, as he was this year after the impressive 96/1,378/13-TD season in 15 games. I sure would love to land Deshaun Watson/DeAndre Hopkins next year.

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I was thinking about Todd Gurley, and he's a good choice. But there was enough optimism about him that he was a second- or third-at-worst round pick in most leagues -- drafted early enough that people figured he'd be a fantasy starter. So I'm voting for Keenan Allen, who shed the injury-prone label (not entirely fair since one of the injuries was a lacerated kidney -- not exactly something some players are more susceptible to than others) and was an elite PPR wideout for most of the season. Considering where he was drafted in most leagues, he vastly exceeded expectations in his return to fantasy prominence.

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