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Factoid: Jameis Winston

The Bucs have spent considerable time looking into Jameis Winston’s background, interviewing former teammates, coaches, teachers and associates. Seventy five interviews, according to one report...  more »

Around the NFL: McGinn draft series: running backs

Bob McGinn's annual series about the NFL draft's top prospects, position by position, moved on to the most interesting position (from a fantasy perspective) yesterday. He talked to 20 different NFL personnel men about running backs, and not surprisingly, Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon topped the list.  more »

Trivia: April 27, 2015

Who set the NFL record by handling the ball 496 times on runs and receptions during the 1984 season? answer »

Factoid: Tampa running backs

You hear the name Charles Sims get kicked around some. He’s the running back the Bucs selected in the third round last year. He had an injury plagued rookie year, but he’s got some talent and as we all like to say, now he’s had the benefit of being around for a year and better knowing the offense and the pro game. Maybe they kick Doug Martin to the curb and make Sims their guy.   more »

Factoid: Rookie Running Backs

This week's draft appears to have a strong group of running backs, two of whom figure to be selected in the first round, and several of whom will probably be immediate starters. Maybe there will be a few 1,000- or at least 800-yard rushers. That's quite a change from the 2014 rookie class.  more »

Trivia: April 26, 2015

Who took most of the snaps at quarterback for the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1976? answer »

Factoid: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are sticking with Joe Philbin. He hasn’t had a winning record in any of his three seasons, but they’re bringing him back for another year. This doesn’t happen often.   more »

Trivia: April 25, 2015

Only two undrafted players in NFL history have gone on to catch over 800 career passes. What is the only team that both of these receivers played games for? answer »

Around the NFL: Rookie running back prospects

With the NFL Draft fast approaching, the talking heads seem most interested in where Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston end up. Quarterbacks, as usual, get the most attention from the casual fans. But fantasy teams care most about the wide receivers and running backs, and it's a very compelling draft for both.   more »

Ian Allan: A dozen eye-catching running backs

I tend to take note when a back is a lot better than the other guys on his own team (or a lot worse, for that matter). In the case of Trent Richardson, for example, he’s been terrible in his two years with the Colts, averaging down around 3 yards per carry. Some attributed that to the team’s offensive line or Richardson needing to better learn the offense – especially early in his run there. But all of the other running backs they’ve used have tended to be about a yard per carry better – Donald Brown, Ahmad Bradshaw, Boom Herron.   more »


Around the NFL: McGinn Draft series: Winston like Russell?

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel annually offers up a series looking at the top prospects in the NFL Draft, position by position. His quarterback article is up on the site now, and it doesn't paint a pretty picture.   more »


Trivia: April 24, 2015

What was the only Super Bowl that didn’t have cheerleaders? answer »

Scheduletron: 2015 schedule

The schedule is out. I always start by looking at Week 17. Those are the games that don’t even count for fantasy purposes – they’ll be played, but they have no bearing in most fantasy leagues.   more »

Factoid: First two quarterbacks drafted

Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, in some order, will be the first two quarterbacks selected in next week's draft, both with top-10 picks...  more »

Trivia: April 23, 2015

What quarterback has started the most consecutive games without running for a touchdown? Said quarterback last ran for a touchdown in his fifth game in the 2011 season. answer »

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